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|1000 kg to 500 kg used weighbridge electronic scale

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the weighbridge is a large platform on which large heavy-duty vehicles can be driven. There are two ways to weigh. One is mechanical, just like an ordinary scale, and the other is electronic induction, also known as electronic scale. The weighbridge is divided according to the weight. Classified by tonnage. For example, 50 tons, 300 tons, etc. There are also weighbridge with track, which is generally dedicated and is mainly used for weighing rail freight cars. The weighbridge is usually a weighing table. There is a room next to it. People can operate it in it. Generally, the bell is used as a signal. As soon as the bell rings, it is said that you can drive away. Don’t you even know the place beside the ground? If you see a weighbridge written somewhere, you can see that there is a truck sized steel plate embedded on the ground near it. It’s called a weighbridge. The weight of the car will be known when the car stops at that position. It’s the same as a weighbridge. The weighbridge weighs the load of the car!!! The weighbridge is a long iron platform

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