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Advantages of China Plastics Machinery Website

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facing the plastic machinery industry, China plastic machinery network is an e-commerce website that provides one-stop business services for industry manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers. It has an average of several hundred thousand registered members in the fields of electric power, printing, dyeing and chemical industry, and has a great influence in the fields of plastics, chemical industry, packaging, etc. in China. It has reached a strategic cooperation alliance with well-known websites at home and abroad, and established a huge information service system for interactive communication of information
strong pertinence:
90% of visitors are professionals. The target population of vertical industry portal is concentrated, which is convenient for precision marketing
active users:
website users have a strong sense of participation in product procurement and publicity, and are active in information, technology, business opportunities, purchase information and other pages, with an average daily page views (PV) of more than 500000

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