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Blister product burr improvement scheme

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[gudebang] answer for you: the key to blister is mold! Moderately adjust the pressure and speed of the injection molding machine! If the burr is repaired, it is still repaired manually with a knife! We deal with burrs by grinding with saw blade steel. It is sharp and not easy to wear! The most fundamental way to solve the burr is not to produce burr as soon as possible. “Try grinding the mold gently with a surface grinder to reduce the burr! After the completion of blister, there are slitting and packaging in the later stage, and some processes such as folding and heat sealing can be called blister only after all of them are completed. Generally, stamping slitting is adopted to deal with blister burrs, that is, the Blister products are cut off with knives under the action of pressure.

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