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Function introduction of various door locks

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Fuyu door lock manufacturer tells you the functions of the door lock. 1. The lock cylinder of the door lock includes bullet key, computer key, magnetic key and atomic lock cylinder. Most of the manufacturing materials are copper (good quality), but many are made of zinc alloy (poor quality). When purchasing door locks, select the lock with a large number of key teeth. As the more teeth of the key, the greater the difference, the lower the mutual opening rate of the lock
2. The selection of door lock styles and varieties should be based on their appreciation level and preferences. The selection of the door lock should consider the width and thickness of the door frame, and pay attention to the selection of the lock in the same opening direction as the door
3. Investigate the appearance quality of the goods, whether they are flat and lubricated, including lock head, lock body and lock tongue. Whether the handle, cladding parts and relevant supporting parts are complete, whether the appearance color of electroplated parts and painted parts is gorgeous and uniform, and whether there are blistering, layer exposure, rust, oxidation trace and damage, which affect the appearance
4. Whether the key is flat and smooth, the trademark on it should be clear and regular. When the key is inserted into the lock cylinder hole to open the door lock, it shall be smooth and sensitive without rolling resistance
5. Press the door lock handle and rotate the anti lock knob to see if it is sensitive to open. The door lock can be secured. After it is secured, see whether it is effective. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times. Check that the extension length of the latch of the door lock cannot be too short
6. Standardize the product packaging of the production company, with clear text and pattern, and mark the product name, type, trademark, name and detailed address of the production company, production date, etc. In addition, the commodity certificate and instruction manual are also attached to the packing box.

mechanical lock:
1. The entry door lock is installed at the entry door of the house. Generally, the household intelligent lock is also installed at this position. It is generally required to guard against theft. It can not be opened directly without a key outside. It can be locked back, which has strong anti-damage performance
2. The door lock is used for internal doors. With a key, it can be locked inside. It can be easily opened inside and outside without locking. After locking, the outside can be opened with a key
3. Generally, the bathroom lock can be unlocked without a key. After the lock is unlocked, you can use common tools (screwdriver, etc.) to open it outside
smart lock
4. The so-called floor locks are rarely used by ordinary families
there are password type, electronic card, wireless key, fingerprint, retina, etc., but there are differences in the opening methods. Household is generally used as anti-theft door, and industrial may also have access control function or monitoring. The hotel will be used as a part of hotel management.

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