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Horizontal mixer

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Horizontal mixer


you should be asking about horizontal mixers for food, chemical industry, medicine, plastics and building materials. Do you want to know the purpose or working principle of horizontal mixers

the horizontal mixer you mentioned should be a horizontal mixer, also known as mixer, horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer, etc

use of horizontal mixer

horizontal mixer is widely used in chemical industry, plastics, medicine, food, building materials and other fields. It can be used for mixing powder and powder, mixing powder and liquid, mixing powder and particles, sheet materials, mixing and drying

working principle of horizontal mixer

the horizontal spiral belt mixer is basically composed of mixing bin, mixer and driving device. The U-shaped tubular bin is equipped with a mixer shaft with double-layer opposite spiral belt winding. Under the driving of power, the winding form of the outer spiral belt cooperates with the rotation direction to push the materials from both ends of the U-shaped bin to the central zone, while the inner spiral belt pushes the materials from the middle to both ends, Convection is formed by stirring

composition of horizontal mixer

the basic components include U-shaped can body, motor, reducer, electric control, frame, seal, spindle and mixing blade

horizontal mixer features

uniform mixing, fast mixing speed and high efficiency

can add feeding machine, weighing and packaging machine, vacuum powder suction machine and other integrated configuration and a variety of auxiliary components

the general horizontal mixer can mix materials in 200kg-10t per batch, with a maximum capacity of 25m3

commonly used materials include stainless steel 201, 304 and 316, as well as carbon steel and other steels

this information is found in Dongguan Fubang machinery. There may be watermarks in the pictures, so you can go to some places to ask for details

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