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How about Shandong Deep Blue Machinery Co., Ltd

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How about the treatment and salary

dark blue provides customers at home and abroad with the highest quality winding and packaging machines (winding machines, wrapping machines, film wrapping machines) and various packaging systems
the leading product of dark blue company — winding packaging machine has developed from a single T-series pallet winding packaging machine (pallet packaging) to a product group of more than 30 specifications of five series including Y-series cylindrical winding packaging machine, S-Series horizontal winding packaging machine, R-Series rocker arm winding packaging machine and W-series non-woven fabric winding packaging machine. Dark blue took the lead in launching r online series rocker arm winding packaging machine in China
address: No. 2010, Kehang Road, Suncun new area, high tech Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong, China

the human resources department of a super junk deceptive company will tell you very well. When you go, it will be different from what you said.
if you have something to do, contact me and I will resign there

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