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How long can the dried fruits be stored in the dryer

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it depends on the variety of fruit, and the moisture content after drying. Generally speaking, those with high sugar content such as jujube and grape can be kept for a long time. Less water containing polysaccharides will be stored for a shorter time. Generally, it is about 3-5 months

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1 Cut all kinds of fruit into slices& nbsp; & nbsp;

2. Pan, heat up& nbsp; & nbsp;

3. Add dried fruit& nbsp; & nbsp;

4. When it is almost cooked (a little burnt), turn it over. When the other side is cooked, it can be out of the pot& nbsp; & nbsp;

among the common fruits, kiwi fruit is considered to be the closest to perfect fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, a, e, folic acid, trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and food fiber, but has very low calories. All of these make kiwi fruit inject vitality into the life of modern urban people who work fast and are nervous

in addition, the amino acids contained in kiwi fruit can help the human body produce hormones and slow down aging. Because kiwi fruit is cold, pregnant mothers had better eat less

some fruits are rich in food fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the small intestine. In the colon, fiber can provide nutrients to the intestinal cavity, which helps to promote the body’s metabolism and help suppress appetite

fruits for weight loss: apple, grapefruit, pitaya, durian

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – dried fruit practices and efficacy

1. Generally speaking, the self-made dried fruit has not been treated with sulfur fumigation, additives, preservatives, etc., and the shelf life is determined by the storage method

2. It can be stored for three months under the condition of sealing at normal temperature

3. It can be stored for 6 to 8 months under the condition of cold storage and sealing

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storage methods of dried fruits

when the food is fully dried, it is completely cool and then stored (about 15-30 minutes). If food is kept outdoors for a long time, it will start to absorb moisture. Select appropriate closed storage containers and store them under the most appropriate conditions. If water vapor or condensate appears in the storage container, the food is not completely dried. Please put it in the dryer again to continue drying until it is completely dried

· containers suitable for storage must be clean, airtight and moisture-proof. Fill each container as full as possible
· a strong plastic bag or heat seal bag with zipper is a good choice. Place a bag full of food in a metal can with a lid (a shortening can or coffee can is a good choice) to block insects and light. Glass cans with sealing caps can be used with plastic bags or separately
· a plastic container with a lid is a good choice, but it should be used with a locked plastic bag because the plastic container is not sealed

· marking the food name, drying date and quantity /weight on the dried food helps to select food in turn and reduce waste

storage location
· low temperature, light proof and dryness are the key to maintain the quality of dried food
· put glass cans or plastic containers in paper bags or closed boxes to prevent light from entering. Cement walls and floors are often damp. Containers for storing dried food should not be placed directly on the ground or touch the basement or basement wall
· do not put dried food next to objects with strong smell such as varnish, paint remover or kerosene
storage time
· in most cases, dried fruits and vegetables should not be stored for more than one year. It is best to eat dried fish, poultry or dried meat within oneortwo months
· in principle, the food dried earlier should be eaten first. Check the dried food regularly. If the food feels wetter than it was packed, the water should seep into the container. Please put the food on the drying tray and dry it again. Then put the food in an airtight container
· if the food is not completely dried or stored properly for the first time, it may become moldy. Please throw away the moldy food

this varies from 5 to 8 months

it also depends on the drying method you plan to adopt. There are usually two modes for fruits, the mesh belt type and the drying room (oven). The configuration is different. In addition, I do not recommend using electricity for heat sources unless they are small

you need to ask the manufacturer of the dryer.

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