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How much investment does the mineral water production line of vials need?

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first of all, the size of the site and the size of the plant, such as 2000 bottles of drinks or water per hour, the minimum plant requirement is 800 square meters, which is not 500 square meters
1. Water treatment. Reverse osmosis is about 40000-60000

2. Filling machine. If the daily output is 1000 pieces and overtime production is allowed, 1000-1500 bottles /hour rotary filling line is enough. The whole set with better quality shall not exceed 150000

3. Equipment materials and key components. In order to be durable, the equipment must be made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, pipes, valves and pumps need to be better used

4. In case of PET bottles, pour bottles and cooling facilities in the back channel
5. One half ton coal boiler, with an additional 20000 for installation and transformation

6. The height of the plant is more than 4m and the area is more than 700 square meters (one line)

7. The pure production equipment is about 350000 to 400000 yuan, but now the auxiliary facilities are more expensive, such as plant reconstruction, personnel disinfection facilities, cleaning workshop, laboratory, etc. it is estimated that 300000 yuan is needed for insurance

8. In addition, the rent and petty cash also need to be prepared at least 300000 yuan
9. Therefore, it needs at least 1 million yuan to set up a beverage factory that can make stable quality and maintain survival

10. It should be noted that once set up, you can’t go back. Investors in small beverage enterprises often only pay attention to the investment cost of equipment, ignoring the later expenses and time costs such as supporting facilities, auxiliary facilities, start-up expenses, QS declaration, customized mold, packaging design, plate making, recruitment, training and trial production. Formulate more than two sets of plans and emergency measures and implement them carefully
I hope my answer can help you to invest carefully.

mineral water is a kind of fast-moving consumer goods in summer. The production of mineral water is not intended to be a good business in summer. You need to set up a small mineral water production line, which requires the following equipment:
1. Select water source and establish plant
2. Water treatment and reverse osmosis equipment to filter mineral water
3. Bottle blowing machine: blowing bottles of mineral water is the first link of the production line, The quality of the equipment directly affects the work of the subsequent equipment. In case of failure, the whole production line will stop running. Generally, small and medium-sized mineral water enterprises choose leaping bottle blowing machine, with perfect after-sales service. One out of two mineral water bottle blowing machines are stable at 2500 bottles /hour
4. Filling machine: used for positioning and filling bottles. Generally, three in one filling machine is used, that is, filling, disinfection and bottle capping
5. Labeling machine: labeling bottles
6. Packaging machine: packaging and bundling produced mineral water bottles
Investment: about 200000-300000

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