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How much is a wet towel machine

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How much is a wet towel machine

there are basically three kinds, single and double tablets, 5-30 tablets and 30-120 tablets. The most important thing is to see your production demand. There are different speeds, full-automatic or semi-automatic wet towel equipment
the material part is mainly Spunlaced non-woven fabric, accounting for the majority. 14-22 yuan /kg. 15-16 yuan /kg is used in the market, and 1.6-2 thousand tons of small rolls, at least more than a dozen tons. The rest of the potions, bags, labels and covers are about 0.5 ~ 0.8 yuan. Of course, if they are packed in one piece, or the cover is not used within 30 pieces. Of course, if you make the size smaller and the gram weight less, the cost can be reduced accordingly
the overall floor area of the equipment is small. It only needs 20-30 square meters of dust-free workshop in the plant to process wet wipes. In addition, the storage areas of raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and activity site add up to about 120 square meters, or it is also possible to find an independent warehouse. Like this small wet towel processing machine, the price of haidesheng machinery ranges from 100000 to 200000, and it can quickly return to the capital in about three months.

automatic wet towel packaging machine, about 10W, one machine completes the functions of wet towel folding, cutting, feeding, liquid filling, batch number printing,

bag making, sealing, counting, output and so on. “Wenzhou Wei brand machinery” reduces labor costs and is cleaner and more hygienic


more than 20000 folding machines are also being added with one humidifier, and more than 10000 can be produced with 20000 packaging machines

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