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How much is the price of automatic noodle press generally

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according to the market in 2019, the price of the full-automatic noodle press is generally about 1000-2000 yuan

the noodle machine squeezes the flour through the relative rotation of the flour roller to form the dough, and then cuts the dough into strips through the front head cutting knife to form the noodles. The shape of noodles depends on the specification of the cutting knife. All models can be installed with different specifications of cutting knives

as a new type of noodle assembly line equipment, the machine operates continuously from feeding to discharging. It has the advantages of high yield, high efficiency, time and labor saving, simple operation, and good toughness and taste of the produced noodles

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the roll surface of the medium-sized noodle machine has been finely ground by the grinder, which is smooth and beautiful, and the rolled face belt is even and smooth, which ensures good noodle quality. The design of the machine is reasonable. It adopts the arrangement type, reducer and sprocket drive, with low noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor-saving work

45\forged steel gears are used for the main parts, and 45\seamless steel pipes are used for the rolls. After heat treatment, the hardness of the rolls is increased, and the pressed noodles are smoother and more powerful

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it depends on the brand and model of the noodle machine. The prices of different manufacturers are different. Yinying’s noodle machine is very good. After summing up years of experience in the production of pasta machinery, it has good function, good cost performance, low noise, long service life, and adjustable roll gap

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