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How to deal with the inflation of vacuum bag packaging??

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about food vacuum packaging bag, first of all, we should introduce what is vacuum packaging bag:
first, what is vacuum packaging bag
the so-called vacuum packaging bag refers to the packaging method in which the product is put into a specific sealed bag, and then the air inside is pumped out to make the bag reach a certain vacuum. The air in the bag is completely pumped out, so that the bag is in a state of scarce air and low oxygen, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to ensure the freshness of food and prolong the preservation period of food. (Note: fruits and vegetables belong to fresh food and are still breathing, and high hypoxia will cause physiological diseases. Therefore, less fruits use vacuum packaging)
II. Classification of food vacuum packaging bags
1. Vacuum packaging bags in plastic bags: this packaging method adopts two bags, one is the outer bag and the other is the inner bag. The outer bag adopts ordinary compound printing food bag, and the inner bag adopts vacuum packaging bag
2. Aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag, also known as pure aluminum bag or aluminum foil bag: in terms of technology, the packaging gathers high-density metal (aluminum) on the bag to increase the barrier performance and shading of the bag. It is often used in the inner packaging and cooking bag of tea
3. Other vacuum packaging bags: the packaging is made of PA (nylon) /PE (reinforced) or PA (nylon) /rcpp, PET /PE, PET /rcpp and other materials, and its functions are as follows
3. The main materials and characteristics of various food vacuum packaging bags
1. PE is suitable for low temperature use, and is often used for vacuum packaging of frozen food, or ordinary boiled products can also be used (remember: non high temperature cooking bags)
2 Rcpp, also known as (CPP), is suitable for high-temperature cooking. It is a common material for producing high-temperature cooking bags
3. PA (nylon) is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance. It is a common material for steam boiling bags and liquid bags. The tenderness and compression resistance of bags can be enhanced by using nylon. (Note: it has been tested that 2.7kg of water is packed in PA /PE liquid bags with a thickness of 8C, and there is no damage after falling from a height of 2m)
4. Al aluminum foil is to increase the barrier performance and shading. It is a common material for tea vacuum bags and cooking water bags
5. Pet increases mechanical strength and has excellent stiffness, (to be determined)

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