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How to design drug packaging well

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first of all, there are relevant laws and regulations on drug packaging. For example, the generic name of drugs should be prominent and prominent. The font size, font and color must be consistent

1) horizontal labels must be marked in a prominent position within the upper third; For vertical labels, they must be marked in a prominent position within one third of the right

2) do not use cursive script, seal script and other fonts that are not easy to recognize, and do not use italic, hollow, shadow and other forms to modify the font

3) the font color should be black or white, which forms a strong contrast with the corresponding light or dark background
4) unless it is impossible to write in the same line due to the limitation of packaging size, it shall not be written in separate lines
Article 26 drug trade names shall not be written in the same line as common names. The font and color shall not be more prominent and prominent than common names. The font size shall not be greater than half of the font used in common names

Article 27 unregistered trademarks and other drug names not approved by the State Food and drug administration are prohibited in drug instructions and labels

Where a drug label uses a registered trademark, it shall be printed on the corners of the drug label. If it contains words, the font shall not be greater than one quarter of the font used for the general name in terms of single word area. The above is about drug design
other pictures also have fonts. You can see whether the overall matching of the pictures is coordinated, so as to judge whether the drug packaging design meets your requirements

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