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How to make a big tree out of a paper box

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P. preparation method for making cardboard box: br />

2. Cut a seam in the middle of each piece, and the width of the seam is the thickness of the paper shell

3. Splice up and down, and clamp the two cardboard together to form a three-dimensional tree. From above, the cross shape is cross shaped

4. Paint green on the prepared tree

5. In order to prevent standing, a circular cardboard can be added at the bottom, decorated with some trinkets, and the carton can be made

1. Prepare paper jam, scissors, glue, ruler and pen

2. First take out the brown A4 cardboard and draw a slash

3. Cut the upper part of the slash into tassels

4. Then roll it up and apply glue to fix it

5. Fold the tassels outward to make the shape of branches

6. Then take out cardboard of various colors and cut out the shape of leaves

7. Stick the leaves on the branches and make the three-dimensional tree manually

specific steps:
Step 1: according to the size of the Christmas tree you want to make, choose two carton boards with appropriate size. You should choose a thicker carton board to have a three-dimensional feeling

Step 2: draw the Christmas tree on the carton board and carve the Christmas tree pattern with a paper cutter

Step 3: then carve a groove on the center line so that the two pieces can be inserted together. Pay attention not to carve the groove too wide, just as thick as the carton board, so it can be inserted tightly

Step 4: insert the two carton boards together and the Christmas tree will stand up

Step 5: prepare green stickers and fold the front side relatively

Step 6: stick the sticker in the included angle of the Christmas tree, and then cut the edge, leaving a little edge, so that the thickness edge of the carton board can be wrapped

Step 7: wrap the side with extra stickers

Step 8: wrap the Christmas tree completely in the same way

Step 9: punch holes in the Christmas tree with a punch

Step 10: in this way, our Christmas tree is basically ready. The next step is how to decorate the Christmas tree. Children can give full play to their creativity and use all kinds of colored beads, ribbons or stickers to put a beautiful coat on the Christmas tree

[supplement] tool materials:

cardboard, scissors, green stickers, punch, colored packing rope, colored beads or other decorations.

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