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How to make packaging design more attractive and how to improve the charm of commodity packaging?

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I. the source of the charm of commodity packaging
1. Color of package:
More than 80% of the information comes from vision. If the designer’s grasp and application of packaging color can directly reflect some characteristics of internal goods, this kind of goods is likely to become the first choice of buyers.
According to the inherent color of goods or the attributes of goods, the use of visual color is an important means of designing color. For example, cakes, snacks and other food packaging are mostly * * * *, tea, coffee, whisky, beer and other beverages are mostly brown, and Lemon Shampoo packaging in cosmetics is designed as lemon yellow. The reproduction of these colors in packaging by using the color of the commodity itself can most give people the association of homology of objects, so as to have an impression of the basic concept of internal objects.
Of course, there is also the phenomenon of doing the opposite. Some design experts boldly use color contrast to achieve better and more strange results, but if they don’t grasp it properly, it will be counterproductive.
2. Packaging pattern:
The combination of patterns should be considered from three aspects: first, the way of organization; Second, the theme of expression; The third is the style of display. In terms of organization, geometric composition, abstract composition, and concrete or physical composition are more used. At present, those who use geometric or abstract composition are mostly cosmetics or daily necessities. The concrete or physical structure is the most popular in food packaging. Some simply open a window on the package, or use transparent plastic bags to directly let people see the internal items. In expressing the theme, although the ways of expression are different, the purpose is very clear. In the form of combination, some focus on characters, some focus on physical objects, and some give consideration to both. No matter what form it takes, it must be connected with internal objects in order to show the sharpness of the theme. In terms of theme expression, we should also pay attention to cutting complexity and simplicity, whether it is text or pattern, and strive to achieve single pattern, prominent theme, simplicity and lightness.
3. Connotation of packaging:
It is mainly reflected in the appeal of packaging, the interest of the picture, and the organic combination of product image and corporate culture. In addition, the exquisite packaging is also an indispensable and important factor for good packaging, mainly including: first, the exquisite color, second, the exquisite pattern design, and third, the exquisite packaging production, which are indispensable.
Grasping the basic attributes and daring to innovate are the main means to improve the charm of commodity packaging.
Color innovation is to dare to break through the conventional color application. For example, mineral water and purified water in beverages are often either green or blue in packaging, but Wahaha Purified water does the opposite. It boldly uses red, which seems to remind people of thirst quenching purified water in a red and hot environment. As a result, it soon became popular in the north and south of the river. This is the innovation in the use of color. The other is to seek innovation in the case of comparison. There are two comparison methods, one is the comparison in similar families, and the other is the comparison between packaging and packaging itself, which will still produce good results. For example, Shuanghui fish sausage chose orange color in the use of casing, while in the color design of label, they should have used orange or sea blue. As a result, they used fruit green. The two colors are compared. This fish sausage has become the most popular product among consumers in similar products.
In terms of pattern design, we can neither worship foreign countries nor follow the beaten track. In terms of artistic style, the more national, the more cosmopolitan. For example, folk paper cutting, traditional silk patterns, or Chinese painting art can be used. But it is not a copy. We must make a breakthrough.
Creative innovation mainly refers to the innovation of packaging carrier or manufacturing technology. In terms of carrier, enterprises should pay attention to the fashionable green food packaging. In terms of technology, it is mainly the improvement of process modeling and the cartoon and visualization of children’s food packaging.

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