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How to rationally view packaging innovation and the real mission of packaging in products

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therefore, excessive packaging came into being. The packaging cost of many goods is much higher than several times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times of the cost of goods
first of all, product packaging plays a great role in promoting the marketing of goods. It can be seen from the following points:
Product packaging is an important part of the enterprise, brand and commodity identification system
it makes the goods different from other similar competitive products in the market competition, and even stand out among similar goods, so as to accelerate consumers’ awareness of the brand and enhance the value of the brand
Product packaging is also a carrier of corporate culture and marketing culture of an enterprise. It will directly or indirectly reflect the corporate culture and marketing culture and play a good role in consumer communication
reflect the first impression of goods in the eyes of consumers, enhance consumers’ memory function and popularity, and indirectly promote the growth of sales performance. Product packaging is the first link of consumers’ understanding of goods and leave a first impression on consumers. A good packaging will potentially enhance consumers’ memory function. A pleasing package will virtually increase consumers’ favor, enhance consumers’ purchase desire and purchase frequency, and is bound to promote the increase of sales
to a certain extent, the price of goods will be raised. A good package will also increase the sales price of products and increase the profitability of enterprises
at present, it is an indisputable fact to explore the causes of excessive packaging of market goods. As for the reasons for the formation, I think it can be interpreted from the following three points:
the lack of product or marketing innovation of enterprises leads to the lack of market competitiveness and no way to improve the added value of products. We can only strive for a breakthrough in product packaging
What puzzles most Chinese enterprises now is innovation and core competitiveness. Without innovation, enterprises lack competitiveness, stagnant performance, low product gross profit space and declining profits in the cruel market competition. Under this background, enterprises want to seek innovation and find ways to improve the added value of products. Of course, innovation can be at all levels and links, The innovation of packaging is certainly a part of the innovation of various enterprises. Compared with other innovations, it is simple and easy to realize. Therefore, many enterprises pay more attention to the transformation and improvement of product packaging and improve the investment at the level of product packaging grade, which is an incentive for excessive packaging
enterprises misread product packaging innovation, resulting in excessive packaging
a good package definitely does not come from the amount of money spent on making the package, but through creativity to enhance the value of the package. Many Chinese enterprises just misread the core content of packaging innovation and believe that luxury and high packaging cost are innovation, which can improve the commercial value of products. It is this directional error that leads to the endless emergence of excessive packaging
Third, China’s consumption environment
China is a state of etiquette. The current society belongs to a relationship society. Under this big network, for real consumers of some luxury packaged goods, they don’t eat (use) what they buy and don’t buy what they eat (use). In fact, many transitional packaged goods are made for gift consumption. It’s not strange to be polite! At a time when material goods are extremely rich, giving out characteristics and grades is a normal consumer demand in the market. It is this demand that leaves a lot of market space for such goods. It is not surprising that several zongzi sell hundreds of pieces and a box of moon cakes sell tens of thousands of pieces. Excessive packaging conforms to the current consumer demand to a certain extent
as I mentioned above, it is the price, not the value, of goods that is increased through excessive packaging. This phenomenon still depends on a certain stage of market sales, but ultimately enterprises need to improve the value of their goods in order to be competitive. It is far fetched to improve the value of goods only by excessive packaging, because: with the continuous progress of reform and opening up and market economy, The consumption psychology of Chinese consumers will also become more and more mature. To a certain extent, it will change from perceptual consumption to rational consumption. Consumers will pay more attention to the internal value of goods. When we look at Europe, America, Japan and even Hong Kong and Taiwan in China, it is not difficult to find that their commodity packaging is very rational, and the commodity packaging is very simple. We rarely see complex and impractical packaging forms. In their consumption cognition, I buy commodities, not packaging
any industry will have ups and downs, just like the health care products in those years. After a few years, it will eventually change from a sunrise industry to a sunset industry. The gift market carrying the demand of the over packaging market will also change with the change of people’s consumption psychology and consumption demand. When the market demand is gone, I believe that over packaging will become a burden for enterprises
enterprises should take a rational view of product packaging and innovation. A good packaging comes from a good idea and plays a role of icing on the cake, rather than seizing the host and becoming a burden of goods. Therefore, the packaging creativity and use of enterprise goods should meet the following characteristics: 1. The characteristics of the product itself. 2. Simplicity does not increase the cost of the product itself. 3. Reflect the connotation of the brand. 4. In line with the aesthetics of consumption of the times. 5. The safety of packaging itself. 6. It is conducive to the circulation and storage of commodities
the innovation of packaging should not be regarded as a burden on the cost of goods, but should become a new business card of goods and another power source of marketing promotion.

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