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How to realize green packaging?

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green packaging refers to the packaging that meets the requirements of environmental protection. Green packaging first requires materials to save resources and strive to reduce the amount of waste. It is easy to recycle, reuse or regenerate into other useful materials after use. Secondly, the heat energy can be recovered during incineration, which will not produce toxic gas. During landfill, less land is occupied and can be degraded naturally. Green packaging can be realized through the following ways:

(1) simplifying packaging and saving materials, which not only reduces costs, but also reduces environmental pollution. More importantly, it establishes a good image of the enterprise and shortens the distance with consumers

(2) packaging is reused or recycled. For example, multifunctional packaging is emerging in Japan. After this packaging is used, it can be made into exhibition shelves and storage cabinets to realize the reuse of packaging

(3) develop decomposable and degradable packaging materials. At present, a variety of degradable plastics have been developed. For example, some plastic packaging can become the food of microorganisms in the soil and turn into humus in a very short time after being abandoned and buried in the soil

green consumption

know the impact of our lifestyle on the environment, but make the right choice – only use our fair share of resources so that future generations can get the same satisfaction, which includes three meanings:

(1) advocate the consumption of green products that are not polluted or conducive to public health

(2) pay attention to the disposal of garbage in the process of consumption, so as not to cause environmental pollution

(3) guide consumers to change their consumption concept, pay attention to environmental protection and save resources and energy. Instead of wasting resources and energy to achieve comfort in life, they should try to save resources and energy on the basis of comfort

according to the requirements of GB /t37422 standard, the packaging manufacturer shall evaluate through the evaluation rules formulated by the national packaging quality supervision and inspection center, and obtain the green packaging evaluation report after passing the evaluation

2. Non packaging enterprises, production enterprises, circulation enterprises, processing enterprises and other entities can only evaluate the use process of packaging materials because there is no production link of packaging materials. They can evaluate the green packaging behavior of enterprises according to t /sdiot 019.4-2021, Part IV green packaging evaluation requirements in the evaluation system for green enterprises (t /sdiot 019-2021), The green packaging evaluation requirements are reviewed and authorized by the green enterprise professional committee. After passing the evaluation, the green packaging evaluation report and green packaging safety and reliability report can be taken

3. Express industry and express packaging enterprises shall conduct relevant evaluation according to the standard requirements of green product evaluation express packaging products (GB /T 39084-2020), and obtain the evaluation certificate report

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