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How to say packing in English

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When you go to a restaurant to buy food, you want to take it home to eat. How should you say “pack it and take it away”??????

packed English: pack, bale

I. bale

English [be] ɪ l] & nbsp; Beauty [bel] & nbsp& nbsp;

n. big bag; Disasters; Grief

vt. pack or pack something

they & nbsp; use a big machine to bale Hay.& nbsp;

they use a big machine to bundle hay

II. Pack

English [P æ k] & nbsp& nbsp; Beauty [P æ k] & nbsp& nbsp;

n. package; a group; A deck of cards; One group

vt. & amp; Vi. (pack…); Insert; Rush in; (make) gather into a group

vt. select; Compression; Carry; Tighten

VI. packaging; Tightly packed together; Easy to fold and collect; Leave in a hurry (sometimes used with off)

1. Please pack the dish in a doggie bag& nbsp;

please pack this dish

2、I forgot to pack my clothes.& nbsp;

I forgot to pack my clothes

extended data


I. package

English[ ˈ pæk ɪ d ʒ]& nbsp; & nbsp; Beauty[ ˈ pæk ɪ d ʒ]& nbsp;& nbsp;

vt. packaging; Box up; Put forward a package plan to; packing bag; packing box; A group of suggestions

check the list of on the side of the package

please check the ingredient list on the side of the packing box

II. Wrap up

English [R æ P] ʌ p] & nbsp; Mei [r æ p ʌ p]& nbsp;

package; Successfully completed

its green coat, wrap up our cortical and warm& nbsp;

it wraps us warmly in its natural color coat

the standard expression is: sth to go
for example: can I have a coffee to go? I’ll buy a cup of coffee and take it away

I can responsibly tell you that using pack is wrong. Watch American dramas and friends. They often mention what food to buy and take away. They are all to go.

Pack the food.

learning is a pleasure! (* ^ ^ *)
please adopt it in time. Thank you!

to send something for packing: Pack
if it’s a dish that can’t be eaten up, put the leftovers (dishes) in the doggie bag

pack packaging
I’m glad to answer for you
teacher, I wish you progress in your study
hope to adopt it. Thank you for your question^_^

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