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How to train employees on food packaging machine safety?

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I. Introduction to the nature of the enterprise

introduction according to the specific situation of the company

II. The purpose of organizing learning and training

the competition of the enterprise is still the competition of people in the final analysis. Any quality work begins with education and ends with education. The food safety work of our enterprise and even the food safety work of our country are in the initial stage. We must learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries in promoting food safety and take education and training as the core of enterprise development. Especially at present, there is still a big gap between China’s food hygiene quality and that of developed countries, with relatively backward hygiene testing methods and relatively weak management measures. In addition, the cultural level of front-line workers in many of our production enterprises is not high. They not only lack relevant health and safety knowledge, but also have many bad hygiene habits, In addition, the seasonal production of food enterprises is very strong, resulting in great employee mobility, which makes the task and responsibility of education and training more important. If there is no adequate health training, guidance or supervision for all personnel involved in food processing related activities, unpredictable product quality and safety accidents may occur, posing a major threat to food safety and health and even the personal safety of consumers. This requires us to take the health and safety quality and relevant food safety education and training as the “first process” to ensure the product quality, safety and hygiene of our enterprise

III. training objectives

through good education, the enterprise enables each employee to change their ideas, standardize their personal behavior, truly understand the importance and necessity of food safety control, and truly learn how to standardize operation in the actual work post through appropriate training, so as to ensure the realization of the goal of food safety guarantee within their scope of responsibility

IV. definition of food safety

food safety is a guarantee that consumers will not suffer when food is prepared and eaten according to its original purpose. Food hygiene refers to all conditions and measures that must be taken at all stages of the food chain to ensure food safety and suitability

the planting, breeding, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales, consumption and other activities of food (food) meet the national mandatory standards and requirements, and there is no hidden danger of toxic and harmful substances that may damage or threaten human health to cause the death of consumers or endanger consumers and their offspring. Food safety includes both production safety and operation safety; It includes both result safety and process safety; It includes both real security and future security

popular definition: people will not get sick after eating

v. responsibilities of the food safety department

1. Carefully understand and implement the quality policies and quality objectives of the group (company), and be responsible for the compliance and effectiveness of the operation of the quality system of the Department

2. Publicize and implement food safety and hygiene laws, regulations and relevant rules and regulations, formulate enterprise food hygiene training plan and organize its implementation

3. Assist the management representative in the internal audit of the quality system

4. Be responsible for the qualification evaluation of raw materials, auxiliary materials, packaging materials and other suppliers

5. Be responsible for the supervision and inspection of process control in the process

6. Be responsible for the internal food safety and hygiene of the group (company)

7. Be responsible for receiving the guidance of the superior food safety supervision department and reporting the product quality and safety accidents or major quality and safety problems in time

VI. purpose and significance of food safety control

“food is the first thing for the people and food safety is the first”. Human growth, economic take-off and social progress are inseparable from food and safe, hygienic and nutritious food at all times

1. It is the need to protect people’s physical and mental health

2. It is the need to protect and restore the ecological environment

3. It is the need to adapt to the new situation of China’s entry into WTO and improve the competitiveness of China’s food in domestic and foreign markets

for example: water injection in pork, pesticide residues in vegetables, manufacturing ham, spraying dichlorvos, using industrial salt in the production of pickles, feeding milk powder, eating big head dolls, and drinking yellow rice wine lost their lives

VII. Measures taken to ensure food safety

on the premise that the construction of hardware facilities meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene, our enterprise has established three systems to ensure product quality more effectively:

1. ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification

ISO quality assurance system certification, It is not only an important guarantee for the product safety and health quality of food enterprises, but also has become a legal “barrier” of international food trade. The core content of ISO9000 standard is to establish and improve the quality management and quality assurance system of enterprises and implement the whole process management of product quality. Its biggest feature is the standardization and proceduralization of quality management. It emphasizes strengthening the internal management of the enterprise, and each work is implemented to people and words. The ultimate goal of standardization is to ensure product quality

2. HACCP (hazard analysis and key control points) certification

HACCP is a system for the food manufacturing industry to confirm hazards, evaluate hazards and establish control methods. It aims to ensure food safety and hygiene and can be used in the whole process of the food chain from food raw materials to final consumption. At present, HACCP management system is recognized as the most economical and effective food safety control system in the world. It has been adopted and implemented by many countries and regions as an effective measure to ensure food safety and protect consumers’ health. Through the control of key control points, HACCP systematically and programmatically manages the preventive measures and eliminates the hazardous factors in the production process. Inspection institutions only need to supervise and inspect the implementation of CCP by production enterprises. It also provides a reliable basis for importing countries to inspect the safety of imported food. HACCP determines the hazardous factors in the production process and takes corresponding preventive measures such as new processes and new equipment on a scientific basis. It is conducive to the production enterprises to concentrate their time and energy on the main links, which can not only ensure the product quality, improve the efficiency, but also save the production cost

to train employees on the safety of food packaging machine, first explain the operation principle of the machine to employees. At the same time, we should make clear the precautions in each operation link. Continuously improve employees’ safety awareness and do a good job in employees’ self-protection.

the safety of food packaging machine includes the normal operation of the machine, the maintenance of the machine by specially assigned personnel, and the cultivation of personnel’s own skills!

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