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How to use HP little Superman m132nw all-in-one machine

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Novice grass planting, want to know how to use the HP m132nw laser all-in-one machine just started?

HP little Superman m132nw is a multi-functional all-in-one machine. First of all, it can be seen directly from the outer packing box. The volume of this laser multi-functional all-in-one machine is very small, only 98mm × 288mm × 231.1mm。 After opening, remove the package, and the actual volume of the real machine is smaller. This small and lightweight printer can bring a lot of convenience to the work. It can be moved at any time according to the needs. Usually, it can be placed on the desk. It occupies a small space and will not feel abrupt or disharmonious
takes out the very good HP little Superman m132nw in the box, carefully dismantling the foam rock, tape and fixing strip. The HP supermini m132nw in the package is finished, so it is very easy to install. After the dismantling of the filling, only the bottom box cover can be installed. When installing the carton cover, you can operate according to the instructions in the manual, which is simple, convenient and easy to handle. First, learn about the overall structure of HP little Superman m132nw laser multifunctional all-in-one machine. The main feature of the all-in-one machine is multi-function (including printing, copying and scanning). Some printers in little Superman m132 series also have fax function. If you need complete things, you can install and use them directly without purchasing other equipment. Open the scanning cover of HP little Superman m132nw, which is the scanning board. The copying or scanning work is operated here. It should be noted that at ordinary times, pay attention to cleaning and do not dirty the panel, otherwise the copied or scanned things will be stained. Then open the middle layer and you can see the selenium drum. If you need to replace the selenium drum, you can operate according to the prompts at the edge, which is very simple. It is recommended to purchase the original toner cartridge from the official website when replacing the toner cartridge, which can increase the service life of the printer and reduce the damage of the printer. Then the whole HP little Superman m132nw’s first unpacking steps are completed.

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