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How to write the internship report of graphic design and packaging design!

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considering that I may work in this industry after graduation, I cherish this internship opportunity to deepen my understanding of various graphic design and find out my own shortcomings in limited time. I have gained a lot from this internship. I feel I have gained a lot in knowledge, skills, communication and exchange with others. Generally speaking, this is the training, exercise and improvement of my comprehensive quality.
The first day I came to the company, I didn’t know what to do, and I couldn’t plug in anything. I just looked here and strolled there. Finally, the teacher in the company showed me a way and asked me to use Photoshop and CorelDRAW software to imitate the tutorial to make some simple pictures. Finally, I found something to do, so I began to make pictures obediently. To tell you the truth, I used to do this in school, but the effect was not so good, because I stopped once I met something difficult or didn’t understand. Now I have a teacher next to me and ask if I didn’t understand, which benefited me a lot.
If you use a few tips in the process of drawing, you can really get twice the result with half the effort.
1、 Photoshop tips
1. Make rounded rectangular blocks
First, create a new file in Photoshop, draw a rectangular box on the file with the rectangular selection tool, then select the menu select → feather, and enter the radius value. The larger the value, the larger the radius of the rounded rectangle. After filling in the color in the selection area, cancel the selection range. Select the menu image → adjust → threshold, and adjust the threshold level to change the size, which will produce the size of the rounded rectangle you want. To generate the selection area of rounded rectangle, you can switch to fast mask mode under the environment of selection area, and also execute threshold to obtain the mask you want.
2. High resolution production
When making web page graphics with Photoshop, many friends will choose low resolution for quick operation, but some filters can’t handle it because of the lack of graphics resolution, and the final effect is also very poor. Therefore, it is suggested that when dealing with similar situations, you can first complete rendering and image editing at high resolution, and then sample down to reduce the image to the final size.
3. Keep the size of the selection range
When you use image size or canvas size to change the image size in Photoshop, the original selection range in the image will also change. If you want to keep the original selection range, you can first switch to the quick mask mode (press the Q key on the keyboard), and then select “image size” or “canvas size”. Using the image size command will reduce the image and the selection range together; If you use the command, only the image will be reduced, and the selection range will remain the original size. Remember to switch the quick mask mode to standard mode again.
4. Quickly hide layers
If you only want to display the image of one layer in Photoshop, do you have to hide the other layers one by one? Here is a quick and convenient way: as long as you hold Ctrl + Alt on the layer surface at the same time, and click the mouse to select the eye icon of the layer to be displayed, you can hide all other layers. In addition, you can also use Ctrl + Alt + quick key to adjust the sequence of layers.
2、 CorelDRAW tips
1. Erase the wrong line
If you use the hand drawn pencil tool in CorelDRAW and accidentally draw the line crooked or wrong, you don’t have to delete the line in a hurry. Just press the shift key immediately and erase it in the opposite direction.
2. In fact, the moving ruler in CorelDRAW allows you to move the position of the ruler freely. As long as you press and hold the shift key on the ruler and drag with the mouse, you can move the ruler. If you want to put the ruler back in place, just press the shift key on the ruler and quickly press the mouse button twice to return to the original position immediately.
3. Making animated GIF files with CorelDRAW
In fact, CorelDRAW can also be used to make animated GIF files. You can take the layers in CorelDRAW as frames in the animation, and then output them into GIF files one by one (the images on other layers must be closed first). Then, using the movie function of photo paint, first select Create from document to make the first GIF file into a movie, then successively insert the transferred GIF file with “insert from file”, select the format of “save as…” animation GIF, and set the delay time and position in the dialog box, which is a great success
4. Rotate and zoom simultaneously
If you hold down the shift key while dragging the object’s rotation handle in CorelDRAW, you can rotate and zoom the object at the same time; If you press and hold the ALT key, you can rotate and deform the inclined object at the same time.
After several days of basic training, the teacher finally let me participate in their planning. At first, I was a little nervous. Later, I became familiar with the whole process of planning and post production. Slowly, the teacher also handed over some important things to me. This makes me have a deeper understanding of this industry.
Through this internship, I feel I have gained a certain harvest in design. This internship is mainly to promote the improvement of our ability in work and business in the future, enhance our competitiveness in the future, and add a cornerstone for our foothold in the future. The teachers of the internship unit also gave me a lot of opportunities to participate in their design, which is that I learned a lot of problems that were difficult to solve in the past and the problems to be faced in the design work in the future, such as pre planning and post production, etc. This internship enriches my knowledge in this field, makes me move forward to a deeper level, and plays a certain role in promoting my foothold in the future society. However, I also realize that if I want to do this work well, I can’t rely on the internship in these days alone. I also need to accumulate bit by bit in my regular study and work and constantly enrich my experience. The road ahead of me is still very long. It needs continuous efforts and struggle to really go well

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