Home Food Production Machines I am a breakfast maker. I am exposed to coal every day. Is the smell of coal balls harmful to people?

I am a breakfast maker. I am exposed to coal every day. Is the smell of coal balls harmful to people?

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it is harmful. The coal briquette will emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide after combustion, which is very easy to be poisoned. Moreover, the production process of coal briquette is backward, the pollution after combustion is large, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The cleaning of waste residue after combustion is inconvenient, and has been basically replaced by honeycomb briquette

carbon monoxide is not easy to liquefy and solidify. It is a blue flame when burning in the air. It decomposes to produce carbon dioxide and carbon at high temperature. It is very easy to combine with hemoglobin in the blood to form carboxyhemoglobin, which makes hemoglobin lose the ability and function of carrying oxygen, resulting in tissue asphyxia and death in severe cases

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coal briquette burning odor poisoning – carbon dioxide poisoning:

1. Poisoning principle

high concentration carbon dioxide itself has stimulating and anesthetic effects and can cause hypoxia and asphyxia in the body

2. Poisoning symptoms

(1) mild: generally, there are discomfort such as dizziness, headache, muscle weakness and general weakness

(2) moderate: dizziness and falling to the ground; Chest tightness, unbearable nasal and throat pain, shortness of breath, chest compression and suffocation; Severe headache, tinnitus, muscle weakness, red skin, elevated blood pressure, fast and strong pulse

(3) severe: sudden dizziness, unable to support and fall to the ground, suffocation, dyspnea, palpitation, unconsciousness, coma, blue skin, lips and nails, decreased blood pressure, weak pulse to be untouchable, dilated pupils. The light reflex disappears, the whole body is soft, the glottis expands, the breathing and heartbeat stop one after another and die. After the acute stage, some may have symptoms such as drowsiness and memory loss

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the combustion of honeycomb briquette produces dust, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, which mainly damages the respiratory system and blood circulation system. What harm does sulfur dioxide do to human body? After sulfur dioxide enters the respiratory tract, because it is easily soluble in water, most of it is blocked in the upper respiratory tract, and corrosive sulfite, sulfuric acid and sulfate are generated on the moist mucosa, enhancing the stimulating effect. Because the smooth muscle of the upper respiratory tract has peripheral nerve receptors, it will produce narrowing response in case of stimulation, which will narrow the lumen of the trachea and bronchus and increase the airway resistance. The retention effect of upper respiratory tract on sulfur dioxide can reduce the stimulation of sulfur dioxide to the lungs to a certain extent. However, sulfur dioxide entering the blood can still reach the lungs through the blood circulation to stimulate

sulfur dioxide can be absorbed into the blood and produce toxic and side effects on the whole body. It can destroy the activity of enzymes, significantly affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, and cause certain damage to the liver. Animal experiments show that after chronic sulfur dioxide poisoning, the body’s immunity is significantly inhibited

when the concentration of sulfur dioxide is 10 ~ 15ppm, the ciliary movement of respiratory tract and the secretory function of mucous membrane can be inhibited. When the concentration reaches 20ppm, it causes cough and irritates eyes. If the daily inhalation concentration is 100ppm8 hours, obvious irritation symptoms will appear in the bronchus and lungs, causing damage to the lung tissue. When the concentration reaches 400ppm, it can cause dyspnea. Sulfur dioxide is inhaled together with floating dust. Floating dust aerosol particles can bring sulfur dioxide to the lungs and increase the toxicity by 3 ~ 4 times. If metal particles are adsorbed on the surface of floating dust, under its catalysis, sulfur dioxide will be oxidized into sulfuric acid mist, and its stimulating effect is about twice that of sulfur dioxide. Living in the air polluted environment for a long time, the combined action of sulfur dioxide and floating dust can promote the proliferation of alveolar fibers. If the proliferation scope is widespread and fibrous lesions are formed, the development can break the fibers and form emphysema. Sulfur dioxide can enhance the carcinogenic effect of benzo (a) pyrene. Incidence rate incidence rate of animal lung cancer is higher than that of single factor, and can induce squamous cell carcinoma in the short term, according to animal experiment. Under the combined action of sulfur dioxide and benzo (a) pyrene, the incidence of lung cancer is higher than that of single factor.

it doesn’t hurt much. The coal briquette burns gas. Carbon monoxide will be poisoned if it’s not ventilated. Don’t worry if it’s in a ventilated place. It’s best to wear a mask. After all, it’s not good to smell a lot. Wear a mask so that others think you’re hygienic

coal combustion will produce carbon monoxide (especially under the condition of insufficient combustion) and sulfur dioxide, which are harmful gases to human body. However, in the case of keeping ventilation when burning coal, the harm to human body can be minimized. In the past, every household burned coal, and no one said it was harmful to human body.

coal combustion will eliminate carbon monoxide, which is harmful to human body, so keep ventilation.

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