Home Food Production Machines I’d like to know what are all the large printing plants in China? Top 10. Please let us know.

I’d like to know what are all the large printing plants in China? Top 10. Please let us know.

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enterprise name enterprise nature total sales profit of products (10000 yuan) number of employees (person) main business of the company

1 Shanghai banknote printing factory state-owned 85190 18817 2300 yuan, printing of bills, securities, stamps and passports
2 Jiangyin Unicom Industrial Co., Ltd. private 68000 8000 1500 various types of paper products printing Packaging
3 Hongxing printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. wholly foreign-owned 63171 – 8200 publications, packaging and decoration, printing of other printed materials
4 Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. wholly foreign-owned 59836 (excluding paper) – 8740 plate making, binding and printing
5 Shanghai Jielong Group Co., Ltd. 56000 3500 2600 color plate making Packaging printing (cartons, publications, trademark labels, metal products), PS version production
6 Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd. has 54499 1715 3199 state-owned printing, printing material sales, printing technology consulting, import and export business
Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd. has limited liability 12102 704 410 color printing Color plate making
Commercial Press Shanghai Printing Co., Ltd. 9128 507 706 books and periodicals, bill printing, flexographic printing
Shanghai Sanyin Times Printing Co., Ltd. Sino foreign joint venture 6502 200 158 books and periodicals printing and binding, color printing
7 Hunan jinshali color printing brush Co., Ltd. Sino foreign joint venture 53400 – 303 cigarette packaging printing Pharmaceutical and alcohol packaging
8 Shanghai banknote printing factory Sino foreign joint venture 50577 9573 627 cigarette labels, wine boxes and medicine boxes
9 Shanghai tobacco industry printing factory has 50561 6010 781 high and middle grade cigarette trademarks, all kinds of fine paper shaped packaging, picture albums Samples, etc.
10 Hunan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd. 49247778 3165 book printing

and the latest ranking of China’s top 100 printing enterprises in 2010
No. 1. Dangnali China had a sales revenue of 2.622 billion yuan in 2009. Fujian Taisheng Packaging Color Printing Co., Ltd. ranked 100th, with a sales revenue of 274 million yuan in 2009.

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