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Let’s have a look at the packaging of exports to the United States

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there is no problem with wooden pallets and wooden cases. I just confirmed with my customer yesterday. The customer said that there is no problem with wooden ones. Only when the original documents are mailed, can we send the fumigation certificate to the customer. Fumigation is handled in the Inspection Bureau

Customer reply:
wood pallets: there will be no problem using wood pallets for these shipments, as long as you send us with the original documents

my letter to customers:
Please note wooden pallets will be used for the castings and will be provided along with the wooden pallets, thanks

the wood packaging treatment requirements for American export products are very strict, time-consuming, laborious and expensive. If the landlord thinks that the treatment cost is greater than the cost of changing packaging, he still suggests that the landlord should not use wood packaging and use packaging of other materials instead. Because the final determination of whether the wood packaging treatment meets the regulations of the United States is in the hands of the United States authorities.

the inspection of goods exported to the United States is very strict. Wooden cases may bring insects, so they must be fumigated with fumigation certificate
alternatively, you can use “composite board” boxes or cartons, which can avoid the problems caused by wooden boxes.

wooden packages for import and export must be engraved with IPPC logo, which is an international uniform practice

it’s like this…………
fortunately, our company is exported to South Korea…………
by the way, is South Korea okay~~~

only fumigation certificate is required for wooden ones. Our machines are often exported there. You can ask the importer to ask the freight forwarder for details.

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