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Planning case of pet hospital

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A friend wants to open a large shelter including stray pets, pet hospitals, pet supplies and so on. He wants to make a preliminary plan. Who has made a plan like this?

promotion plan of high potential physiotherapy products

with the continuous progress of society, people’s awareness of health care is becoming stronger and stronger. Some chronic diseases, such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, are slowly driving younger. This product is specially for the effective control of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. However, it is not a panacea, and some diseases are also prohibited from use (these are clearly pointed out in the product manual). After using the potential therapeutic instrument, some people will appear the phenomenon of metabolism promoting response. First of all, it should be affirmed that this reaction is a normal reaction. Specifically, the types of reactions are different according to everyone’s constitution, illness time, height, weight, age, heart bearing capacity, physical condition and so on. After the human body enters the high-voltage electric field, the cells vibrate at high speed and consume a large amount of body fluid, which is easy to cause dry mouth and tongue; During use, the metabolism of human body is accelerated. Drinking more water can promote the toxin to be discharged from the body as soon as possible through urine and sweat. The amount and frequency of drinking water are directly proportional to the effect. The use of potential therapeutic instrument has no side effects, while the use of drugs will produce side effects to varying degrees. Potential therapeutic instrument belongs to systemic therapy, which regulates the human body from the inside of the body, so as to achieve; Strive for the role of transforming blood, dredging blood vessels, activating cells and regulating autonomic nerves: drugs inhibit the surface symptoms of patients. Using the potential therapeutic instrument, we can adjust the disease and symptoms in two steps. Treatment first, followed by prevention. So as to improve the natural healing ability of human body. The drugs only inhibit the disease, causing the disease to be temporarily suppressed, which does not solve the fundamental problem. It is only a good habit to use the therapeutic instrument every day, which will not produce a good potential. Drugs will produce the results of dependence and drug resistance, leading to the phenomenon of lifelong medication or ineffective after medication

the company can establish physiotherapy stations in residential areas, and appoint personnel with certain medical knowledge and sufficient understanding of physiotherapy instruments. Arrange 2-3 rounds of experience activities every morning and evening, and record the situation of the participants at the same time. After a period of time, preferential promotion activities can be carried out, which will also be an opportunity for those who have gained from the experience activities. Of course, there are a variety of physiotherapy products on the market. When recommending their products, marketers can take out different experimental results of different products for analysis and comparison

establishing a physiotherapy station does not need to spend a lot of money. At the same time, it can achieve the role of publicity through the famous mouth and ear, which can be described as saving a sum of advertising expenses

Zhang Hailin

VMI (vendor inventory) project planning

in order to better reduce the direct cost and management cost of materials and improve the efficiency of procurement, we have formulated a set of “comprehensive packaging service” project planning, namely VMI project

A.A. overall concept

our company realizes zero inventory management of packaging materials and accessories through the implementation of VMI project, and improves the work efficiency of inventory management in supply chain management. For the VMI project, “AAA” company, as the only direct supplier of our company, provides us with the required outer packaging materials and auxiliary materials. Our company and “AAA” company jointly conduct qualification certification for existing suppliers, and “AAA” company is responsible for the daily business management of existing suppliers

  1. 1. “AAA” company will independently establish a standard logistics warehouse and manage all external packaging materials and auxiliary materials in the warehouse by itself. “AAA” company divides these outer packaging materials and accessories into five categories, namely wood products, corrugated products, plastic products, labels and accessories

  2. 2. We place an order with “AAA” company. After receiving the order, AAA company will decide whether to place an order with other suppliers according to the inventory in the warehouse

  3. 3. Our company only settles the cost of outer packaging materials and auxiliary materials with “AAA” company. “AAA” company will settle expenses with other suppliers in the conventional way, that is, deliver goods in the current month, issue invoices according to the delivery list before the end of the month, and settle accounts in the next month

  4. 4. The service fee shall be recorded in the product fee

B.B. our company will gain the following benefits from this cooperation:

1 Save the cost of inventory management

  2. 2. The storage space is reduced and the storage fee is saved

  3. 3. Reduce the inventory of packaging materials and auxiliary materials in the warehouse, and then reduce the inventory capital

  4. 4. Due to the implementation of VMI project, the risk of scrapping outer packaging materials due to market changes is reduced, and the loss of outer packaging materials will no longer exist

  5. 5. The cost of outer packaging materials and auxiliary materials is further reduced

C. advantages of “AAA” company (selection reason)

1 “AAA” company has rich experience in logistics management, advanced management concept, high-quality service and the most competitive price

to serve our company

  2. During the cooperation with our company, “AAA” company has fully understood our operation mode and working methods, so the future cooperation will be more tacit. At present, “AAA” company promises to create new solutions for our company

  3. “AAA” company has a delivery room and warehouse near our company, which will respond quickly to any demand of our company

  4. “AAA” company itself is engaged in the packaging industry, so it has a more comprehensive understanding of the price and quality of outer packaging materials and auxiliary materials

D. risks faced

1 Whether “AAA” company can ensure that the supply of packaging materials remains stable and reliable

  2. Whether “AAA” company can have sufficient backup suppliers and eliminate unqualified suppliers at any time without affecting the supply of packaging materials to our company

  3. Whether the employees of “AAA” company can serve our company professionally

E. three major tasks that should be done in the inventory management of “AAA” company

product quality management, inventory management and customer service will be the focus of the logistics management of “AAA” company. The “AAA” company should implement the following measures to ensure that the expected objectives of our company are achieved

product quality management

1 1. The inspector has experience in logistics management and professional knowledge of packaging materials

  2. 2. Test in strict accordance with product inspection standards

  3. 3. The inspector will spot check and test each batch of products according to the proportion set in advance for different product types

  4. 4. Qualification of its su
ppliers, mainly including production capacity, production equipment, quality assurance system, etc

  5. 5. There should be perfect storage facilities to ensure stable product quality

  6. 6. Special personnel shall be assigned to communicate with relevant personnel of our company to timely understand the new requirements of our company for product quality

inventory management

1 1. “AAA” company establishes safety stock for each product after full communication with relevant personnel of our company, which will meet the needs of the production department for a period of time (depending on the specific situation). This is crucial because a reasonable safety stock will reduce the risk of both parties

  2. 2. Communicate with our company regularly every week in order to timely understand our demand next week and make accurate preparation for our demand

  3. 3. Establish a strict product warehousing system and product classification account

  4. 4. For different products, different areas shall be set up for classified placement, and the products shall be delivered out of the warehouse according to the principle of “first in, first out”

Customer Service

1 1. “AAA” company shall set up special line. Someone should receive our call within 24 hours and feed back the processing results to our relevant personnel in time

  2. 2. “AAA” company shall establish a website, and the latest information about products shall be published in time

  3. 3. Any loss caused by quality problems will be borne by “AAA” company

F. steps of cooperation

1 Our company certifies the “AAA” company

  2. Both parties initialed the cooperation contract and determined the cooperation plan

  3. Formulate the implementation plan

  4. Assess implementation

  5. The scheme is being implemented and a formal contract is being signed

  6. Implement the new scheme

if the above VMI scheme can be implemented, the revenue of our company will exceed 10% on the existing basis

Wang Yufeng

equipment transformation scheme of premix production line

time: February 18, 2008

I. purpose and significance:

after five years of benign operation, the annual production capacity of Shanghai Hefeng has reached 10000 tons in 2007. Due to the relatively simple production equipment, The three production lines are all manual operation, and the production efficiency is low. The sales target in 2008 is 12000-15000 tons, and the production capacity will reach more than 20000 tons

the new labor contract law will be implemented on January 1, 2008, and the employment cost will also be greatly increased. Moreover, located in Shanghai, it will be more difficult to recruit personnel. In order to reduce labor force and improve production efficiency. Therefore, there is an urgent need to transform an existing production line to improve the degree of mechanization and production efficiency

II Transformation content and effect prediction:

1 Transformation content: add four raw material silos at the feeding port, change manual weighing and feeding into manual feeding, and computer automatic weighing; Manual package receiving is changed into automatic packaging system

  2. Effect prediction:

(1) before transformation: if the premix produces 2-4kg bags, the whole production line needs 9 people. And the production of small packaging can not produce large packaging at the same time; Blanking speed: 2-3 tons /hour for 20kg packaging, 1.5-2 tons /hour for 2kg; 4kg, 2T /h

(2) after transformation:

add two finished product warehouses on the premix production line and install two automatic packing scales to realize the production of two packing lines for premix and one line for 2-4kg small packing; One line for 20kg packing; Blanking speed: 2kg packaging, 2-3T /h; 4 kg 2.4-2.8 T /h; The small packaging line can be cut by only four people, and the other packaging line can continue to produce 20 kg packaging of 5-6 tons /hour. Although the whole production line still needs nine people, it is equal to the cutting of two lines at the same time. If we change 2kg to 4kg, the efficiency can be increased by 0.6 times

the overall production efficiency can be increased by 50% (calculated according to the average production of various packaging). The total production can be increased to 20000 tons, which can meet the sales demand of 15000 tons

III The preliminary equipment budget is as follows:

automatic packing scale:

(1) two sets of Shanghai Jinbao * 43000 yuan = 86000 yuan. Feeding speed 10-12 bags /min

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