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Printing enterprise management

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the problem is not clear in one or two sentences Then I’ll talk nonsense If your company wants to develop for a long time, there should be no family trial management That certainly won’t work in the future You need to develop your own team Those who have the ability will stay Those who are useless and those who have no development should not stay But you also need to develop your own offline. That is, your spy It’s better for workers to implement the basic salary + piecework salary That will boost productivity But it depends on the advanced level of your equipment Some printing jobs need to be adjusted for a long time If you have advanced equipment, it will be fast Piecework is hard to do Your calculations are good You’d better have time to communicate The development of enterprises depends not on individuals but on teams I personally feel that only when there is motivation can there be productivity A reward and punishment system should be implemented Enterprises should develop We must have excellent quality You need the advantage of quality + speed + price to develop in today’s society (unless you have your own relationship. Except for doing work for you) Don’t live in today’s society One step at a time You have to walk well Make up your mind We should make a letter out of it

I’m in a family business, and I’m in a family business in Beijing, too. It’s about the same size as you. At present, the development is very good, with an annual increase rate of about 50%, entering a period of rapid expansion. We were founded in 2002. After three years of rapid development, we also encountered difficulties. In the following years, we encountered the problems you encountered, and our development stagnated for four consecutive years. After that, we changed our relatives, the manager of the finance department and the manager of the production department. At present, the proportion of management family and outsiders is 4:6. The main reason for our rapid development in recent years is that we pay attention to sales; Improve the system and implementation; Pay attention to production efficiency; Pay attention to communication. The workshop management implemented the basic salary + piece rate salary, which mobilized the enthusiasm of employees. If you are interested, you can communicate.

you study management. You have found the above problems yourself. How can there be no solution? Solve it one by one. Employees are relatives, which is a double-edged sword. Those with strong executive ability can use it, and those who have mixed food can leave. The same is true in production. If they have strong technology, just leave a few. It’s better to give him free money during the holiday than hire incompetent relatives as employees
at present, it is a key business. The previous business volume was so large that it suddenly disappeared. Where did the customer go? Have you analyzed the reasons
find out the cause first, and then apply the medicine to the case!

your problem is the problem faced by most family businesses. When family businesses become bigger, we should improve the system and physique, and there are no rules. I opened a printing company, a printing company made by Weihai. The name is Weihai Xinyong Printing Co., Ltd., which specializes in improving Weihai printing, binding and design. The website is

first pay attention to the quality, do ISO certification, try to follow the standards, and then pay great attention to the business. Now publicity is the most important. We should sell ourselves in multiple ways. These are easier said than done. I hope you can succeed

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