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Printing plant rules and regulations

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What are the specific requirements of the rules and regulations of the printing factory???

Chapter 1 internal management system of printing enterprises
Chapter 1 industry management of printing enterprises
Chapter 2 target management of printing enterprises
Chapter 3 marketing management of printing enterprises
Chapter 4 economic responsibility system of printing enterprises
Chapter 5 equipment management and standardization
Chapter 6 staff training system of printing enterprises
Chapter 7 professional ethics of printing
Chapter 8 standardization management of printing enterprises

Chapter 2 printing Brush quality evaluation and standardization management
Chapter 1 print quality and its measurement
Chapter 2 process management of printing products
Chapter 3 quality control requirements of reproduction process
Chapter 4 printing image quality evaluation specification
Chapter 5 information management of printing enterprises
Chapter 6 evaluation method of brush quality instruments
Chapter 7 total quality management of printing products
Chapter 8 standardization work specification of printing enterprises

Chapter 3 Chapter III packaging management system of printing enterprises
Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II packaging management
Chapter III packaging production management
Chapter IV packaging quality management
Chapter V packaging industry management
Chapter VI packaging standardization
Chapter VII packaging management law standardization

Chapter IV printing industry quality management system and management model
Chapter I printing factory quality manual
Chapter II printing factory procedure documents
Chapter III printing factory workers Operation instructions

Chapter 5 financial management rules and regulations of printing industry
Chapter 1 financial management system foundation
Chapter 2 financial control system
Chapter 3 asset management system
Chapter 4 fund management system
Chapter 5 revenue and profit management system
chapter 6 cost accounting management system

Chapter 6 office management system and management form of printing enterprise
Chapter 1 management system and management standard foundation
Chapter 2 Travel management system
Chapter III conference management system
Chapter IV seal standard management
Chapter V security management system

Chapter VII human resource management system of printing enterprises
Chapter I overview of human resource management
Chapter II recruitment and Western management
Chapter III training and development
Chapter IV assessment management
Chapter V salary management
Chapter VI incentive mechanism
Chapter VII Guarantee Management
Chapter VIII personnel management Standardized management form of power resources

Chapter 8 management of printing enterprise culture
Chapter 1 Introduction to ISO9000 family standards
Chapter 2 quality management and ISO9000 family standards
Chapter 3 quality certification system
Chapter 4 internal auditor system of quality management system
Chapter 5 implementation of internal quality management system and audit
Chapter 6 standardization management norms
Chapter 7 quality, standardization Measurement laws and regulations
Chapter VIII implementation of ISO9000 family standards in 2000 in the printing industry

Part 10 national standards for quality and technology management in the printing industry
Part 11 printing management laws and regulations

Interim Provisions on attendance and discipline examination of printing plants

these Provisions are formulated in accordance with the spirit of provincial Party Committee School [1998] No. 146 document, in order to further improve various rules and regulations of printing plants and establish a good production order. I. attendance management

the deputy general manager of the school printing factory is responsible for the attendance management of the whole factory. The business department sets up a part-time attendance clerk to strictly check attendance day by day. The attendance sheet is published on the wall and submitted to the industrial department for review at the end of each month along with the salary payment form, which is reported to the personnel department for filing. The deadline for attendance is the 26th day of each month. Relevant certificates must be attached for absence.

2. Ask for leave

1. Sick leave. Employees who have medical rest due to illness must hold a hospital certificate. If the sick leave period includes public holidays and holidays, it shall be calculated as sick leave, the sick leave salary shall be deducted according to the actual calculation, and the free working meal fee shall be deducted from the next month at 5 yuan per day. If the sick leave is more than one month (including one month), all internal subsidies of this month and the working meal fee of the next month shall be suspended.

2. Personal leave

(1) employees who ask for personal leave should go through the leave formalities in advance. ?

(2) if the personal leave is within three days, it shall be approved by the deputy general manager of the school printing factory. If it is more than three days, it shall be approved by the general manager of the school printing factory. The personal leave form shall be submitted to the industrial department at the end of the month along with the attendance sheet. ?

(3) the period of personal leave includes public holidays, and holidays are calculated as personal leave. ?

(4) the salary of personal leave shall be deducted according to the actual calculation, and the free working meal fee shall be deducted from the next month by 5 yuan per day.

3. Being late, leaving early and absent from work

employees who do not go to and from work according to the specified work and rest time without justified reasons are deemed to be late and leaving early. Being late or leaving early for more than half an hour is regarded as absenteeism for one day, and 200% of my daily salary will be deducted for one day (including one day), and the employment contract will be terminated for two or three days in total.

4 other

(1) maternity leave, marriage leave and funeral leave of employees shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies of the school and the enterprise. ?

(2) overtime. The enterprise leaders shall make unified scheduling according to the needs of production tasks, and it shall be calculated as one day every 8 hours. If the overtime is more than 12 hours at night, it shall also be regarded as one day and settled on a monthly basis. After being approved by the general manager, the overtime sheet shall be issued. ?

(3) compensatory leave. The leaders of the enterprise shall uniformly arrange compensatory leave according to the production situation. Those who do not obey shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up. Employees who take compensatory leave shall hold an overtime form and obtain the consent of the enterprise leaders in advance, which shall not affect the normal production. If it is really impossible to arrange compensatory leave due to the needs of the task, it shall be settled uniformly before the end of the semester with the approval of the leader, and the overtime pay shall be calculated and paid at 10 yuan per day.

III. factory rules and discipline

the staff of the school printing plant shall consciously abide by the factory rules and discipline, strictly follow the system, obey the management and work actively. In case of any of the following circumstances during the employment period, they shall be subject to administrative sanctions, economic sanctions or even dismissal according to the seriousness of the circu
mstances. ?

(1) quarrel, fight and affect the production order during working hours. ?

(2) slacken work and disobey work assignment and scheduling. ?

(3) take over work without authorization, solicit work, use working hours or use public equipment and materials to do private work. ?

(4) violation of operating procedures, resulting in mechanical equipment damage or personal accidents. (BR> <5) those who are derelict in their work, resulting in loss of reputation. ? (6) poor service attitude, verified by investigation after customer complaints, and still no improvement after education. ? (7) those who are not competent for the job under other circumstances, resulting in adverse effects. you should have professional rules and regulations so that you can get it once and for all. For example, in the attendance system, if you don’t define the hour limit of absenteeism, people will punch in 10 minutes before work and punch out on time after work. In the end, you can’t define absenteeism and can only be treated as being late. There are many loopholes like this in enterprise management, which will eventually make the enterprise in a mess. The professional rules and regulations make up for these loopholes for you. For such a management system, you can find this set of management systems as long as you search “Introduction to labor contract of laojieshi” on Baidu. You can use it directly. It is highly efficient and gives you 100% peace of mind and confidence. 1. Comply with the labor law
2. Try to avoid obvious unequal treaties, so as not to cause employees’ resistance

when water is clear, there is no fish. The knowledge of managing enterprises is not only reflected in “rules and regulations”.

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