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Product exhibition of Beijing Yongchuang Tongda Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

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query table of product packaging speed model bag /minute second /bag /day bottle /day ycd-6535 10 bags /minute 6 seconds /bag 5000 bags /day 120000 bottles /day ycbs 25 20 bags /minute 3 seconds /bag 10000 bags /day 240000 bottles /day ycbs 30 25 bags /minute 2 seconds /bag 12000 bags /day 290000 bottles /day ycbs 35 30 bags /minute 2 seconds /bag 14000 bags /day 340000 bottles /day ycbs 45 40 bags /minute 1.5 seconds /bag 19000 bags /day 460000 bottles /day Ycbs 60 55 packs /min, 1 second /pack, 26000 packs /day, 630000 bottles /day, ycbs 80 75 packs /min, 0.8 seconds /pack, 36000 packs /day, 860000 bottles /day note: the data in this query table shall be subject to the normal working conditions (8 hours per day), and the number of bottles per pack shall be subject to 24 bottles (4×6). Yongchuang Tongda low-speed heat shrinkable film packaging machine adopts 90 degree structure, with simple structure, stable performance, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance, Representative models, such as ycd-6535. Low speed machine is the early product of the company. After ten years of improvement and perfection, it has already become the classic model of low-speed machine of domestic beverage heat shrinkable packaging machine, with a broad market share. Because of its ultra-high cost performance, it has become the preferred model for many domestic beverage manufacturers in the growth period. Ycd-6535 features and parameters are as follows:
Product Name: ycd-6535
Product Model: 6535
machine weight: 1500kg
classification: full-automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine
performance features:
1. It is designed for the full-automatic packaging production line of beer, beverage, purified water, fruit juice, dairy products and other drinks
2. It has fully automatic functions of conveying and feeding, bottle management, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling and shaping
3. The world’s advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology is adopted, with clear and firm sealing
4. The sealing quick cooling structure ensures higher sealing strength under the condition of high-speed production
5. PLC program is adopted for automatic cycle control, with stable and reliable performance
6. The original imported guide rod cylinder ensures accurate action and durability
7. The induction switch controls the film feeding system to reliably regulate the film feeding length and reduce losses
8. All conveying are frequency conversion adjustment, and the conveying is stable and smooth
9. Unique contraction channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, firm and beautiful contraction
10. Three layer thermal insulation treatment, good thermal insulation performance, fast temperature rise and energy saving
11. The enhanced cooling and shaping channel can quickly make the packaging film into a high-strength state, which is convenient for storage and transportation
12. It is convenient to adjust the packaging combination and bottle shape when changing, and can realize the function of one machine with multiple functions. Overall dimension of the whole machine l6500mm × W3200mm × H2100m heat shrinkable channel size L1800mm × W650mm × H450mm maximum package size L600mm × W400mm × H350m packing speed 10-12 bags /minut conveyor belt width 304mm sealing and cutting time /temperature 0.5-1.5s about 140 ℃ – 160 ℃ working power /power three-phase five wire 380V /50Hz 19kw working air pressure 0.6-0.8mpa gas consumption 0.5m & amp; sup3;/Minute Yongchuang Tongda high-speed heat shrinkable models all adopt linear structure, which are automatically combined into packages in the process of rapid transportation of packaging products. The perfect automatic control system, combined with the “door bottle splitter” and “fork bottle splitter” widely used in the industry, has created a series of mature high-speed models. Its packaging speed ranges from 20 packs per minute to 55 packs per minute, which can meet the production needs of various large beverage factories. Its representative model is ycbs45. In 2010, after one year’s exploration and efforts of the company’s scientific researchers, the packaging speed of the linear machine has made a new breakthrough. Ycbs80 adopts the domestic unique “happy delivery film” technology, and its packaging speed can reach 75 bags per minute. “Le send film” technology is independently developed by the company, and its success marks the industrial breakthrough of heat shrinkable packaging machine. The performance characteristics and technical parameters of ycbs45 model are as follows:
Product Name: ycbs45
Product Model: ycbs45
machine weight: 4500kgs
classification: full-automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine
performance characteristics:
1. It is used for bottom supported or non bottom supported cluster packaging of beer, beverage, fruit juice, bottled water, dairy products, flavoring products, etc
2. Unique film unwinding device and film constant tension conveying, instantaneous film cutting, automatic overlapping film wrapping mode, higher strength after shrink packaging<3. The film feeding servo system is stable and reliable
the 4-inch and 8-inch large LCD color screen has friendly operation interface and fast parameter setting, which is convenient for man-machine communication and control
5. The contraction chamber adopts circulating air transportation technology, which has reasonable structure, heat insulation, high temperature control accuracy and better packaging effect. Equipment model ycbs45 overall dimension l17685 * w1530 * h2500 heat shrinkable channel dimension l2500 * w650 * h450 maximum package size L460 * w280 * H350 packaging speed 35-40 packages /min conveyor belt width 610mm working power supply /power three-phase five wire 380V 48kW working pressure 0.6-0.8mpa gas consumption 100-120nl /min total weight 4500kg

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