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Sealing PE materials are divided into several types

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is a company specializing in the production of all kinds of packaging plastic bags. Its main products include PE, Po, PP, OPP plastic bags, mesh bags, PE bone bags, shielding bags, etc. our company can design and print exquisite offset and copper plate on behalf of customers. PE mesh bag is composed of LDPE, anti gas agent, special conductive carbon black, etc It is blown by a film blowing machine. PE film is made of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE with special resin and several special additives It can be made into high and low pressure PE film. It has good stiffness, high strength, good printability, good heat sealing, tasteless and odorless, which meets the hygienic requirements of food packaging. Physical properties: ① width: 100-3000mm ② thickness: 0.006-0.50mm ③ tensile strength ≥ 30MPa ④ elongation at break ≥ 100% difference between material and production process PP: polypropylene, which can be divided into iPP film produced by film blowing method and CPP film produced by film blowing method and OPP film with high strength and high transparency after stretching according to different processing methods. Obviously, the material is different from PE material: the material body is soft, but the transparency is not enough. Other materials are high and more opaque Good pull! Non explosive mouth! PP material: the material body is hard, but the transparency is high and clear, and the tension is not very good! Explosive mouth! Po material: the material body is brittle, the transparency is not high enough, it is even more covered than PE material, a little white, and the tension is not very good Opp material: the most brittle material body, the highest transparency, insufficient tension, but the most explosive mouth And printing is the easiest to decolorize PVC material: the material body has soft and hard materials, which can be ordered according to the needs of guests, and the transparency can also be based on the needs, because there are super transparent materials, ordinary materials and sanding materials, which have good tensile force and are not easy to tear and burst, because the two layers of materials are connected by machine

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