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Subdivision area of South China International Corrugated Exhibition

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flexographic printing zone  create a leading professional flexographic printing exhibition platform in China to display a full set of flexographic printing equipment, consumables and technology  provide a one-stop procurement platform for flexographic printing equipment and consumables
scope of exhibits: flexographic plate making equipment, proofing system, plate making service company, unit printing machine, satellite printing machine, laminated printing machine, Anilox roller, anilox roller cleaning machine, motor and servo drive mechanism, deviation correction system, base paper, metal foil, plastic film, special ink, plate, double-sided tape, plate hanging strip, printing pad
paper honeycomb zone  China’s leading paper honeycomb industry development event  comprehensively display advanced and efficient paper honeycomb production Application solutions provide an excellent platform for paper honeycomb professionals to interact with production technology and market information
scope of exhibits:  honeycomb products: new honeycomb walls, paper honeycomb advertising materials, special packaging and logistics packaging, new furniture plates, etc.  automatic honeycomb paper core production line, automatic honeycomb paperboard production line, paper honeycomb post-processing equipment Paper corner protection production line, honeycomb source paper and various consumables, accessories and services
digital printing area  centralized display of all aspects of the application of a full set of digital printing system equipment and technology in the field of paper packaging  help national printing and packaging enterprises realize complete transformation and upgrading in today’s highly digital development. Exhibition scope: digital inkjet equipment, digital proofing machine, Digital printing machine, nozzle, prepress design and color management software, digital cutting machine
packaging paper zone  centralized display platform for all kinds of packaging paper in Asia  the most convenient and efficient channel for base paper procurement and investigation  network important contacts in the base paper industry. Scope of exhibits: Whiteboard, white cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, box board paper, Special paper, art paper and other packaging paper
special area for printing consumables  professional platform for comprehensively displaying all kinds of printing consumables  leading the new trend of green and environmental protection in the application of printing ink and displaying the new application of varnish adhesive in the field of packaging  brands at home and abroad gather to provide diversified color box packaging ink solutions. Scope of exhibits: ink and raw materials, Lithographic printing ink, UV varnish, gravure printing ink, relief and flexographic printing ink, screen printing ink, anti-counterfeiting printing ink, special printing ink, blanket, ink roller cleaning agent, PS plate, resin plate, car washing water, ink additives, ink mixing knife, sandpaper, fountain solution, plate drying solution, color card, UV lamp, self-adhesive, digital inkjet consumables, printing consumables

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