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Tofu skin recipe (English version)

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Northeast China is called dried tofu, and some places are called Qianzhang alias: Baiye, Qianzhang, leather and bean slices. Dried tofu made by northeast people is very thin, but it is very gluten. Tofu skin is pressed, similar to tofu, but thinner (significantly thicker than oil skin), slightly dry, and sometimes with salt. The taste is different from tofu. It is the tofu mold skin pressed in the cotton cloth layer after the soybean milk is salted. There are cloth patterns on both sides and the nutrition is worse than that of the oil skin.

tofu skin making technology
I. tofu skin making technology
1. Select the soybeans of the current year and sift them clean. Crush with a grinder until the bean peel is removed or into 2-4 pieces
2. Wash the broken beans twice, remove the bean skin, and soak them in 25 ℃ water for 4 hours
3. Put the beans into the refiner or stone mill and add water while grinding. Add 4kg water to 0.5kg soybeans and grind them twice. It can’t be too fine. It’s better to twist them into small particles with your fingers
4. Separate bean dregs and milk with a separator. The filter basket in the separator is 80-90 mesh. In rural areas, tofu filter cloth for grinding tofu can be used. After filtering, boil the pulp, and the temperature is controlled at about 93t
5. Divide the 2-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide and 15 cm high pan into 6 squares with small wooden strips. Install a heating duct under the pot to keep the bottom temperature at 70 ~ 90 ~ C. pour the cooked soybean milk into the pot. After 3-5 minutes, the skin can be formed in the grid. When there are small wrinkles on the skin, the skin can be removed. Peel off the skin in each small square in turn. A pot of soybean milk can be uncovered for more than 10 times and can produce 4kg-5kg tofu skin

like the previous process of tofu, the latter is nodding brain, beating brain, splashing skin, pressing and stripping, which is the finished product. Nodding brain is very important. The level of nodding brain determines the quality and taste of soybean skin
Braised Tofu skin
materials: tofu skin, pork stuffing, green onion, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, salt, pepper, starch, chicken powder and red oil
method of Braised Tofu skin meat roll
1. Chop ginger, add it to meat stuffing, season with a little raw soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and chicken powder, and mix well in one direction
2. Add a little water in several times and continue to stir in one direction
3. Soak the tofu skin in warm water in advance and cut it into a small square with scissors
4. Knead the meat stuffing into strips and place it in the center of the tofu skin
5. First fold up one corner of the tofu skin and fold the two corners in the horizontal direction in half
6. Apply some dry starch on the last corner to stick the closing
7. Close the mouth down and put all the wrapped meat rolls neatly on the plate
8. Heat a frying pan, brush a little oil, reduce the heat, add tofu skin and meat rolls, and fry them on both sides until golden yellow
9. After frying, continue to close the mouth down, take it out and put it on the plate
10. Make use of the remaining oil in the pot, saute the minced garlic, add soup, salt, chicken powder and red oil to taste
11. After boiling, fry the tofu skin and meat roll, simmer over low heat until the soup is thick, and sprinkle with shredded green onion.

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