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What are the common medical plastic products

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plastic products can be seen everywhere around us, such as plastic pots, buckets, lunch boxes, plastic pipes, plastic films, etc.

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 classification of medical plastic products 

 it can be divided into the following categories: 

 ① disposable medical plastic appliances, such as disposable plastic infusion sets, syringes, blood transfusion tubes, extension tubes, connecting tubes, drainage bags, etc

 ② plastic human organs for operation, with cardiopulmonary bypass connected to catheter, laryngeal mask, artificial kidney, artificial lung, artificial joint, etc

 ③ medical plastic parts, such as endotracheal intubation, airway, intravascular intubation, puncture cannula, and various medical plastic products for repair, nursing, physiotherapy and diagnosis

 ④ medical plastic packaging materials, eye drop bottles, oral liquid bottles, PVC plastic bottles, low density polyethylene ointment tubes, etc

 ⑤ containers for medical plastic products, including various plastic bedpans, washing basins, packaging bags, etc

 ⑥ clinical plastic products and consumables, including disposable medical test tubes, centrifuge tubes, Petri dishes, measuring cups, etc

 3. It has different functional requirements: for example, central venous intubation - soft head to protect the inner wall of blood vessels. Aortic intubation - the head is hard and easy to insert during surgery

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