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What are the domestic design exhibitions?

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I have made some designs now, mainly in product packaging. Is there any relevant design exhibition in China that can be exhibited?

first, media advertising

investment in media advertising has become an important channel for exhibition marketing. Through advertising, the main organizer can quickly spread its exhibition concept and main characteristics of the exhibition, including the name, theme and theme of the exhibition design, so as to affect the psychology of the public and potential participants and create a good atmosphere; With the help of advertising, potential participants can observe the main ideas and strength of the main organizer to choose the exhibition design that can best realize their own exhibition value

What are the main forms of media advertising? Modern society has endowed advertisements with richer forms: newspapers, networks, car bodies, subways, televisions, radio stations, buildings, etc. The above advertising media have their own strengths and weaknesses due to their different nature, technical means and the composition of readers (audience and audience). Exhibition organizers need to selectively publish advertisements on different media according to the needs of exhibition design. For example, professional exhibitions can focus on professional newspapers and periodicals, and cooperate with mass media; National publicity and education exhibitions can focus on national mass media advertising; While the exhibitions of trade fairs are mainly local mass media advertisements

the title of the advertisement is very important and should be strengthened. According to the survey of advertising in the United States, 8 out of 10 readers decide whether to see the specific content of the advertisement according to the strength of the title. In addition, the illustration or photo of the advertisement is also very important. The graphic part should be taken as the main part of the advertisement in the design. The research shows that readers pay more attention to graphics than words, with the proportion of 65% and 35% respectively

Second, press marketing or promotion meeting marketing

press conferences and promotion meetings are important means for exhibition design to affect potential customers. Both of them publicize the exhibition through special meetings. The participants of the promotion meeting are mainly representatives of the business community and some representatives of the press; The main object of the press conference is the news unit. The demands of the two are different, but both have the participation of news units. The purpose is to expand the influence of the exhibition in the society with the help of media publicity. Those who attend the press conference should be important and influential media in the press. The press conference can be held in the preparatory stage, before the opening and after the end. The promotion conference can be held in different cities at home and abroad that are concentrated and influential to exhibitors or visitors; The Promotion Week is long and can be carried out together with small-scale photo exhibitions. Those who attend the promotion meeting should be influential people in the business community

Third, the exhibition design organization’s “network marketing”

relationship marketing includes two parts. One is public relations marketing in a broad sense, which refers to the public image of enterprises in society established through information release, communication, service and enterprises’ attitude towards social public welfare undertakings. On the surface, there is no direct relationship between public relations and marketing. But in fact, a good corporate social image can open countless marketing doors for enterprises

one is relationship marketing in a narrow sense, which mainly uses the relationship context of exhibition design, organization and leadership to carry out marketing work. These contextual relationships may be government officials who are concerned about the development of local exhibitions, officials of business associations who have established certain contacts, and friends. Through their work, they can become the driving force of exhibition marketing

Fourth, Internet marketing

network marketing includes three aspects: first, marketing on self built websites, second, marketing on professional websites, and third, publishing marketing messages on portal websites. Self owned website marketing and professional website marketing are more important and should be specific. In addition to introducing the basic information, interactive programs should be established with exhibitors and visitors to encourage exhibitors and visitors to register online. The portal is mainly used to promote exhibition design. In addition, the marketing of exhibitions can also be strengthened through virtual exhibitions, e-mail, etc Recommended reading: 2016 China (Zhuhai) International Marine Science and Technology Exhibition – special booth design of CSCEC steel structure

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