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What are the ingredients in beef sauce?

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material &nbsp

beef &nbsp& nbsp; 450 g &nbsp& nbsp;

sweet noodle sauce &nbsp& nbsp; 200g &nbsp& nbsp;

soybean paste &nbsp& nbsp; 200g &nbsp& nbsp;

millet pepper &nbsp& nbsp; Appropriate amount &nbsp& nbsp;

cooking wine &nbsp& nbsp; A little &nbsp& nbsp;

scallion &nbsp& nbsp; One &nbsp& nbsp;

garlic &nbsp& nbsp; Appropriate amount &nbsp& nbsp;

ginger &nbsp& nbsp; A little &nbsp& nbsp;

Zanthoxylum bungeanum &nbsp& nbsp; A handful &nbsp& nbsp;

sugar, soy sauce, pepper, chicken essence, sesame oil &nbsp& nbsp; A little each &nbsp& nbsp;

spicy Douchi &nbsp& nbsp; A small bowl &nbsp& nbsp;

beef sauce &nbsp

prepare the materials first

cut the green onions, garlic and ginger into small pieces and set aside

cut the beef into small dices

mix the diced beef with a little cooking wine, soy sauce and edible oil. Cut scallion slices and ginger slices, put them into the pot, and marinate for a while

heat the oil in the pot, remove the ginger and green onions from the cured beef, and then put them into the pot for frying

add a little salt (it must not be too much, otherwise the sauce in the back will be salty), stir fry until done and serve

re start the pot and drain the oil. Warm fry the pepper. Remove the pepper and discard it

put the chopped green onion, ginger and garlic into the oil pan and saute until fragrant

add millet and pepper

stir fry red oil

add the fried beef and stir well

add soybean paste and sweet flour paste

stir fry for a while and add a little pepper

add spicy Douchi

mix well, boil for a while, add a little sugar and chicken essence to taste. Turn off the fire and put the sesame oil


after cooling, put it into a sealed container and refrigerate in the refrigerator

beef sauce is a seasoning mainly made of beef. Beef sauce is a kind of beef sauce made by traditional technology and ingenious combination of imperial chef formula. It tastes pure. It is an indispensable condiment on people’s family tables. It can also be eaten directly
1 spicy yak meat sauce
raw and auxiliary materials and formula
fresh yak meat is used as the main material, supplemented with refined salt, white granulated sugar, vegetable oil, bean paste flour sauce, five spices, pepper, peanut, sesame, and an appropriate amount of nutritional enhancers and quality improvers. The raw and auxiliary materials meet the national standards. The traditional meat sauce and spicy sauce formulas are appropriately improved and a better formula is selected
main processing equipment
chopper mixer, sandwich pot, cooking pot, colloid mill, mixer, filling machine and sealing machine, etc
process flow
meat sauce base material preparation, spicy sauce preparation – mixing – flavoring – stirring – pasteurization – hot filling – sealing – Inspection – Labeling – plastic packaging – finished product
processing process
meat sauce base material prepared beef is finely chopped and then added with 2 salt and other curing agents. It is cured at O ~ 2 ℃ for 24 hours and then molded. It is kept in a cooking pot at 8 ℃ for 1.5 hours (to the center > 72 ℃) before cooling and demoulding. Then cut into strips, Bake in the oven at 60~70 ℃ to aw (0.90, beat it into powder in the pulverizer, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the mixer, and fully stir it into minced meat for standby.
spicy sauce preparation
each spicy sauce auxiliary material is pre prepared according to the traditional spicy sauce preparation method, and the bean paste, flour sauce, peanuts, etc. finely chopped in the chopper are fried in a sandwich pot with salad oil, and red oil pepper is prepared. After pre preparation, the auxiliary material is mixed with colloidal emulsion to form a paste.
mixed meat sauce preparation
will be prepared first Pour the minced meat into a sandwich pan with a mixer, heat it and stir it to 8C, slowly add spicy sauce and other auxiliary materials, keep stirring at 80C for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and then heat it into the bottle. After the capping machine is tightened, it shall be placed for observation for one day. If there is no air leakage, the bottle can be wiped, labeled and plastic heat sealed. [2]
2 mushroom beef paste
the formula is: fresh mushroom 40-50%, soybean paste 10-30%, vegetable oil 15-35%, lean beef 3-8%, fresh onion 1-2%, fresh ginger 1-2%, fresh garlic 1-2%, dry red pepper 1.7-3.4%, edible salt 1-3%, sugar 1-3%, monosodium glutamate 0.5-1%, spices (star anise, prickly ash, cinnamon, fennel 3:4:2:1) 1-2%, dry onion, ginger, garlic powder (1:1:1) 0.06-0.16%
preparation method
purification and pretreatment of raw materials
① rinsing and pretreatment of Lentinus edodes: select fresh Lentinus edodes, remove their stems and wash them, scald them in water above 90 ℃ for 2-3 minutes, rinse them in time with flowing cold water for rapid cooling, and cut them into 0.25-12.5px2 diced Lentinus edodes as material a for standby
② preparation of spicy oil: take vegetable oil, dried red pepper pieces and water in the ratio of 8:1:1 and put them into the pot for heating and boiling. After the pot is opened, add spices, ginger, green onions and garlic in the order of the predetermined ratio. Increase the firepower. After the water is boiled dry, heat it over low heat for 5-8 minutes. After cooling, filter it through 80 mesh sieve as material B for standby
③ preparation of minced beef: select the mixture of fresh lean beef, onion, ginger and garlic powder at the ratio of 50:1, and then grind it into material C by meat grinder for standby
stir frying of sauce

beef sauce
heat material B above 150 ℃ and add material C for stir frying. After the beef is six mature, add soybean sauce and continue to stir fry for 3-5 minutes, then add material A. after all the materials in the pot boil, turn the heat down and continue to add for 5 minutes. Add salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate and stir for 1-3 minutes to make it even
filling, venting and sterilization.

beef sauce is a seasoning mainly made of beef. Beef sauce is a kind of beef sauce made by traditional technology and ingenious combination of imperial chef formula. It tastes pure. It is an indispensable condiment on people’s family tables. It can also be eaten directly
commercially available species

spicy yak sauce
yak is a kind of livestock on the Chinese plateau, and most of them live in the alpine zone with no pollution and clean ecological environment. Yak meat has high protein content, low fat content, rich mineral elements, and the proportion of amino acid structure is closer to that of human body. China’s Yak stock accounts for 93% of the world’s total and is a renewable resource. It is a huge animal food resource that has not been developed and utilized. With the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of diet has tended to the direction of safety, green, nutrition and health care. The truly pollution-free and natural yak meat products have a good market prospect with its advantages. All kinds of meat products processed from yak meat are more
and more popular with consumers. In particular, the quality of yak meat has been brought into full play by the use of modern ham sausage and minced meat reconstituted meat products. In order to meet the growing demand for convenient table food in the market, a flavor table food spicy yak meat sauce with the traditional characteristics of reconstituted yak meat and spicy sauce, which is more nutritious, widely used, easy to eat and easy to transport and store, has been developed

shiitake beef sauce
shiitake mushroom is an important medicinal and edible cultivated fungus. Its meat is thick and tender, tastes delicious, has a unique aroma, and is rich in nutrition. It has high nutritional, medical and health value. According to authoritative data, dried Lentinus edodes contains 18G protein per 100g, which is higher than other edible mushrooms such as Pleurotus ostreatus and Tremella fuciformis. It contains 1.8g fat and 60.2g carbohydrate. It has the characteristics of high protein and low fat. It is undoubtedly an ideal food for people suffering from hyperlipidemia and obesity. In addition, every 100g of dried mushroom contains 140 ㎎ calcium, 410 ㎎ phosphorus and 30 ㎎ iron, rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C, and contains 7 kinds of essential amino acids and trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium. Therefore, people can properly increase the intake of dried mushroom in their daily diet, which can regulate physical fitness, balance nutrition and maintain the normal health level of the human body. In addition, shiitake mushroom also has pharmacological effects such as anti-tumor, lowering blood lipids, anti thrombosis, improving immunity and protecting the liver. Soybean paste has a strong flavor of soy sauce and ester. It is fresh, sweet and palatable. It contains protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients for human body; Rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid, it is beneficial to supplement essential fatty acids and reduce cholesterol. Soybean phospholipids in soybean paste play a positive role in maintaining the elasticity of blood
tubes and preventing the formation of fatty liver. Beef is one of the main livestock products in China. It is rich in protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, carnitine, etc. it is a nutritious food. This product is a green and healthy mushroom beef sauce with unique flavor, smooth taste, rich nutrition, which is made of fresh mushrooms, high-quality soybean sauce and lean beef, and mixed and fried with spicy oil made by oil-water extraction process

compound beef sauce
beef sauce is very common in the seasoning industry. Although the varieties are uneven, they are dominated by beef flavor, monotonous taste and greasy taste for a long time. Multi flavor is the result of the joint action of various flavors among various condiments. In this experiment, multi flavor is produced through certain processes and experiments by using beef, salt, sugar, vinegar, pepper, curry, Douchi, peanut butter, chili sauce and a small amount of onion, ginger and garlic. At the same time, it breaks through the limitations of the traditional sauce and seasoning mixed sauce. After the seasoning is made into a seasoning liquid, it is mixed with the sauce body to produce a unique product with basic tastes such as hemp, spicy, mature, fresh, sour, fragrant, balanced bean flavor and peanut flavor, and no lack of unique beef flavor.

who knows the recipe of beef sauce
the best answer
the exclusive recipe of beef chilli sauce
1. Red pepper 5 jin
2 Beef 1 kg
3 Sugar 0.4 kg
4 1 bag of monosodium glutamate (smallest package)
5 3 bags of bean paste (1 kg)
6 Sesame 0.1 kg
7 Salt 0.4 kg
8 A bag of rice vinegar or white vinegar

how to make it:
shred the chili, (if you can eat spicy, use the thin and sharp chili. If you can’t eat spicy, use the fat croissant pepper)
chop the beef into meat and fry it until done
stir fry sesame seeds until done
boil all the ingredients in the pot for two hours
just do it
the spicy sauce made by this method will not deteriorate It can be kept for a long time

spicy beef sauce

proper amount of ingredients

fried peanuts; Beef tenderloin 500g; 300g sweet paste; 150g dry pepper; Salad oil 500g; Seasoning; green Chinese onion; Ginger; Sichuan Pepper; Octagonal; Cooking wine; Chicken essence


remove the fascia from the beef and wash it for standby. Wash the scallions and ginger and cut them into scallions and minced ginger for standby.
cut the beef into soybean sized particles
put the meat into a container and marinate it for a while
fill the pot with cooking wine and heat it up. After boiling, put the washed dry pepper into the pot and cook it for a few minutes until the pepper becomes soft. Remove the water
grind the pepper into fine powder with a cooking machine or chop it into fine powder with a knife
pour a little oil into the pot and put pepper Fried star anise, take out the flavor, add a little oil in the pot, add diced beef and stir fry until the meat is cooked, put it out for standby
add 500g salad oil in the pot, heat it up to 50% of the heat, add chopped pepper and stir fry
then add chopped ginger and continue stirring over a medium low heat

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