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What are the precautions of packaging design

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Wine packaging or other packaging

I. performance focus
focus refers to the central point of performance content. Packaging design is limited in the picture, which is a spatial limitation. At the same time, packaging is recognized by buyers in a short time in sales, which is a limitation of time. This time and space restriction requires that packaging design should not be blindly comprehensive and comprehensive. Putting everything on is equal to nothing
to determine the key points, we should compare and select the relevant data of goods, consumption and sales. The basic point of selection is to improve sales. The key items are listed below for reference
the trademark image and brand meaning of the commodity
the function, utility and texture attributes of the commodity
the origin background and local factors of the commodity
land sale background and consumption object of the commodity
the difference between this product and current products
status of similar packaging design of the commodity
the common characteristics of the product
Second, the angle of expression
this is the deepening after determining the form of expression, that is, there should be a specific breakthrough after finding the main target. For example, taking trademark and brand as the performance focus is to show the image. If taking the commodity itself as the performance focus, is it to show the external image of the commodity or some internal attribute of the commodity? Does it represent the co components or its functional utility? Focus on one angle in performance, which will be beneficial to the clarity of performance
Third, technique of expression
just as the focus and angle of expression are like the goal and breakthrough, technique of expression can be said to be a tactical problem. The focus and angle of performance are mainly to solve what to show. This is only half the problem solved. Good expression techniques and forms are the vitality of design
no matter how it is expressed, it is necessary to express the content and some characteristics of the content. In a broad sense: everything must have its own particularity, and everything must be related to some other things. In this way, there are two basic methods to express a thing and an object: one is to directly express the certain characteristics of the object, the other is to indirectly rely on the certain characteristics of the object, and the other is to indirectly rely on other things related to the Ming Dynasty to express things. The former is called direct performance, and the latter is called indirect performance or assisted performance
1. Direct performance
direct performance means that the focus of performance is the content itself. Including expressing its appearance or use, usage, etc. The most commonly used method is to use photographic pictures or open windows to express
in addition to the objective direct expression, there are also some direct expression techniques using auxiliary methods
contrast: This is one of the auxiliary ways, which can make the subject more fully expressed. The image set off can be concrete or abstract. Pay attention not to dominate the subject in processing
contrast: This is a transformation form of contrast, which can be called contrast, that is, to set off from the opposite side so that the subject can get a stronger performance in contrast. The contrast part can be concrete or abstract. In the direct expression, we can also use the method of changing the subject image to make its main characteristics more prominent, among which induction and exaggeration are commonly used
induction: induction seeks clarity through simplification, while exaggeration seeks prominence through change. What they have in common is to make some changes to the subject image. Exaggeration is not only a choice, but also emphasized, which makes the subject image unreasonable, but reasonable. There are many vivid examples of this technique in Chinese folk paper cutting, mud toys, shadow play modeling and foreign cartoon art. This technique of expression is full of romantic interest. The exaggeration of packaging pictures generally pays attention to the characteristics of cute, vivid and interesting, rather than the form of ugliness
exaggeration: induction seeks clarity through simplification, while exaggeration seeks prominence through change. What they have in common is to make some changes to the subject image. Exaggeration is not only a choice, but also emphasized, which makes the subject image unreasonable, but reasonable. There are many vivid examples of this technique in Chinese folk paper cutting, clay toys, shadow puppet modeling and foreign cartoon art. This technique is full of romantic interest. Generally, the exaggeration of packaging pictures should pay attention to the characteristics of cute, vivid and interesting, rather than the form of ugliness
close up: This is a treatment method of taking big and giving up big, and expressing the whole in part, so as to make the characteristics of the main body more concentrated. Pay attention to the locality in the design
2. Indirect expression
indirect expression is an internal expression. That is, it does not appear in the object itself, but expresses the object with the help of other relevant things. This technique has a broader expression. In terms of conception, it is often used to express a certain attribute or brand and idea of the content
as far as products are concerned, some things cannot be expressed directly. Such as perfume, wine, washing powder and so on. This needs to be handled by indirect representation. At the same time, many or directly expressed products. In order to obtain novel, unique and changeable performance effects, they often seek innovation and change from indirect performance
the indirect means of expression are metaphor, association and symbol
metaphor: metaphor is to compare one thing with another by using other things. The metaphorical elements used must be the specific things and images that most people understand, which requires designers to have rich life knowledge and cultural cultivation
Association: the association method is to guide the viewer’s understanding to focus in a certain direction with the help of a certain image, and the association generated by the viewer will supplement what is not directly explained on the picture. This is also a way of expression from one to the other. When people look at a design wound, they do not simply accept it visually, but always have certain psychological activities. The consciousness of certain psychological activities depends on the performance of design, which is the psychological basis of the application of association method. The media image used by the association method is more flexible than the figurative image. It can be concrete or abstract. All kinds of concrete and abstract images can arouse people’s Association. People can think of happiness from concrete flowers, from tadpoles to frogs, from pyramids to Egypt, from fallen leaves to autumn, and so on. We can also think of mountains and rivers from the abstract wood grain, the horizon to the horizon, the green to the grassland and forest, and the flowing water to the passing time. The ice flowers on the window will make people have all kinds of associations
symbol: This is the transformation of the combination of metaphor and association. It is more abstract in the meaning of expression and more condensing in the form of expression. Packaging and decoration design is mainly reflected in the common understanding of most people, which is used to express a certain meaning of brand and the abstract attribute of a certain commodity. The image method is more rational and implicit than the metaphor and association method. For example, the great wall and the Yellow River symbolize the Chinese nation, the pyramids symbolize ancient Egypt and civilization, maple leaves symbolize Canada and so on. As a symbolic medium, the expression of meaning
should have a permanence that can not be changed arbitrarily. In symbolic expression, the symbolic use of color is also very important
decoration: in terms of indirect expression, some gift packages often do not directly use metaphor, association or symbolic techniques, but use decorative techniques. This “decorative” should pay attention to a certain orientation and use this nature to guide the viewer’s feelings
IV. form of expression
the form and technique of expression are to solve the problem of how to express. Form is an external weapon, a specific language of design expression and a visual communication of design. The consideration of expression form includes the following aspects:
how to design main chart and non main chart; Using photos or painting; Concrete or abstract; Realistic or freehand; Exaggeration or induction; Whether a certain process form is adopted; Area size, etc
what is the general tone of the color; How to grasp the hue, lightness and purity of each part of the color block, the relationship between different color blocks, and the area change of different colors
how to design the font of brand name and product name; What is the font size
how to deal with the location arrangement of trademarks, main text and main graphics; What is the relationship between the form, color and character; What kind of arrangement to form
whether auxiliary decoration is required; How to consider the use of gold, silver, texture and texture changes, etc. These should be carefully considered in the whole process of formal consideration

text arrangement of packaging design
in addition to font design, text arrangement and processing is another important factor in forming packaging image. We should not only pay attention to the relationship between words, but also pay attention to the relationship between lines and groups. The text arrangement on the package is considered as a whole in different directions, positions and sizes. Therefore, it can produce richer changes in form than general book binding and advertising text arrangement
in addition to the adjustment of thickness, word spacing and area, there should be obvious differences between line spacing and word spacing. The more standardized text arrangement is generally that the line spacing is four-thirds of the word height, and the text relationship with decorative changes can be flexible

the basic requirement of packaging text layout design is to grasp the layout focus from the whole according to the attributes of the content and the primary and secondary of the text itself. The so-called focus does not necessarily refer to a certain part, but also a trend or feature in arranging the overall image

in terms of the change of arrangement form, it can be changeable without a certain mode, but it can be divided into the following common types with reference to Chapter 2: horizontal arrangement form, vertical arrangement form, circular arrangement form, conformal form, ladder form, stagger form, grass arrangement form, centralized form, corresponding form, repeated form, pictographic form, axis form, etc. In addition to being used alone, various forms can also be combined with each other, and more forms of arrangement can be evolved in the actual arrangement.

1. Aluminum plastic flexible packaging and aluminum paper flexible packaging: due to the opacity, the conventional color can be considered
2. Single layer polyethylene packaging: because it is transparent, you can consider using the color of the content as the complementary color for printing. The color of the content can be used as the pattern background or as the decorative color (window color), as long as it depends on your design style
3. The color of liquid goods can be used for the background color of soft packaging, such as milk, soybean milk, fruit juice…
4. The color of small solid particles can also be used for the background color of soft packaging, such as coffee and monosodium glutamate…
5. The color of large solid particles is not good for the background color of soft packaging. For example, if you have dried preserves, it is recommended to leave a transparent window on the packaging, Or one-sided printing, full page opaque color, and only explanatory text is printed on the back to make the contents transparent and visible
6. The bar code must have a background color with obvious contrast. It is not allowed to use the content as the background, so as not to be read by the code reader
7. There are no tough provisions in the text, as long as the contact surface with food is not printed. The artistry of characters is the space for design to play
8. As far as possible, using more colors will make it more realistic, but the cost goes up. Generally, four sets of films, that is, four colors, are the lowest. If you want to print realistically, it’s best to produce seven sets of films

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