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What are the top ten decoration companies in Shenyang and what are their good recommendations

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1. Don’t be credulous in advertising
no matter what product is advertised, its purpose is to attract consumers’ attention and promote consumers’ consumption. They will invite professional planning for design and packaging, so they will certainly do it beautifully, with more or less moisture, so it’s better not to be credulous in advertising, whether on TV or on the Internet
2. The introduction of acquaintances is not necessarily reliable
you may say that why is the company introduced by your friends unreliable? You should know that each of us has different ideas, and our aesthetic views must be different. If your friends think it’s not good, you may also think it’s good. If you choose the decoration company introduced by your friends, you can’t blame it if there’s any problem. You can only eat this dumb. So when an acquaintance introduces you, you must ask for details, such as whether there are subsequent additions and so on, and how about the technology, Then go to a friend’s home and observe whether you like it before making a decision
3. Don’t be credulous about the copy of the certificate
the copy of the business license can be forged, so when we choose the decoration company, if the other party shows the copy of the certificate, we have to consider whether the company is really reliable? For large-scale companies, there is basically no problem for companies that have been established for a long time. I’m afraid of the newly established small-scale companies, so for small companies, we’d better take a look at the original certificate
4. Check the company’s previous cases and model rooms
for companies with strong ability, there will be many successful decoration cases, so we need to know about those cases. It can be seen that the technical level of the company can not only improve, but also determine the authenticity of the company
5. Model room ≠ real scene of home decoration
we should be clear that the model rooms of decoration companies are generally designed and built by the best designers and craftsmen. When we invite decoration companies to decorate, we do not necessarily invite the best designers and craftsmen, so we must go to several more construction sites under decoration, where we can see the quality level and skill of decoration workers, Whether the materials have been used and whether the materials have been cut corners, etc. we also need to go to the construction site that has been handed over quickly. By observing the ordinary level of the decoration company, we can compare the gap with the model
6. Don’t trust the discount price
good decoration companies won’t fluctuate too much in the decoration price. The so-called “one penny for one thing”. If some decoration companies have a much cheaper discount than other decoration companies, we should consider whether there is a decoration trap
7. Observe the management system of decoration companies
excellent decoration companies improve all parts of the period from consultation to final completion, with clear management levels. The whole process is orderly and perform their duties. There is management supervision from the beginning to the end, while some of the company’s management systems are imperfect, which is difficult to guarantee.

for designers, the planning and design of home decoration is of course based on meeting the owners, but if the owners ignore the importance of design and do not have in-depth communication and exchange with designers, the decoration effect will be greatly reduced. Facts have proved that the deeper the communication with designers, the better the decoration effect and the more satisfied the owners will be. On the contrary, regrets will fill all corners of the room. The design of Meijia decoration is still a little standard, which is known by friends in the industry

there are a lot of professionals in Shenyang. I struggled for a long time when I was decorating. I saw many companies. Finally, the designer was very good and saved me a lot of budget,

there are many decoration companies in Shenyang. Generally, there are many near the newly delivered residential area. The larger ones have Fanglin decoration. They have a good reputation in Shenyang for many years, but the charge is not low. Choosing decoration companies also depends on the hardware, whether they can provide good products and whether they can find good skilled workers. These two are very important. We can’t blindly try to lower the price without looking at the quality, and we can’t think that if you give a high price without looking at the details. It’s really a penny for a penny. I wish you a new home as soon as possible

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