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What glue does the gift box use?

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What’s the difference between it and ordinary glue? Tell me in detail

if you use cardboard to make a box and apply glue made of latex mixed with the same amount of water, it will not leave any trace after it is dry, and the box will become very hard, which solves the problem of relatively soft cardboard. It’s good to use ordinary glue when pasting outer packaging paper.

glue is a must for the packing box factory, just like people need to eat. It’s really not good without it. So are you curious about what kind of glue can make exquisite packaging products, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and other packaging? What kind of automatic glue spraying machine and automatic gluing opportunity should be selected for different glues to make the production more efficient and of higher quality? If you are so curious, look down! Special white latex glue spraying machine, yellow glue spraying machine and universal glue spraying machine for packaging box
1. White latex is one of the water-soluble adhesives with wide application, large dosage and the longest history in the adhesive industry. It is a thermoplastic adhesive prepared by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiator. It can be cured at room temperature, with fast curing and high bonding strength. The bonding layer has good toughness and durability and is not easy to aging. It is widely used in the production of hardcover boxes, jewelry boxes, moon cake boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes and PVC leather boxes in the printing and packaging and paper packaging industries. When choosing the automatic glue spraying machine for water-based white glue, you should choose the automatic glue spraying machine for white glue. The so-called professional thing is to choose professional tools, which means that
2. Universal glue sprayer has good performance of oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical reagent resistance It is specially customized for the printing and packaging and paper packaging industries. It is used for the forming, positioning and assembly of plastic boxes, wooden boxes and cartons, as well as the bonding of materials that cannot be pasted by ordinary glue. Generally, the viscosity of all-purpose glue will be relatively strong, and the glue is easy to wire drawing. Therefore, when selecting the automatic glue spraying machine, it is necessary to consider whether the glue spraying machine can regulate the glue closing time, and the glue gun needs to have the function of sucking, so the effect will be better
III. yellow glue sprayer is the most superior biological glue in the world, which integrates thickening, suspension, emulsification and stability. Yellow gum has the general properties of long-chain polymers, but it contains more functional groups than ordinary polymers and will show unique properties under specific conditions. If you choose yellow glue or environment-friendly glue spraying, you need to choose yellow glue automatic glue spraying machine, which can freely control the width and glue amount. Let’s optimize the gluing process in the production process.

there are several commonly used gift box adhesives:

white latex is a kind of glue that has been used for a long time. It is also widely used in the production of jewelry boxes and PVC leather boxes in printing and packaging, moon cake boxes, wine boxes, paper packaging industries
paper plastic this kind of glue can be used for the bonding of gloss glue and sub glue with ordinary paper, special paper, art paper, pearlescent paper and other materials. In addition to this application, paper plastic can also be used in the processing and production of portable paper bags. Jinliji’s 6930 paper plastic sealing adhesive is not bad, with strong lasting adhesion, good initial viscosity and strong adhesion. You can go and find out
the common name of jelly glue is because it looks very like jelly. Most of its components are hot-melt glue, which is relatively environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. It smells like a faint fragrance. It is often used in the pasting process of gift boxes. The gluing methods of using this glue mainly include glue machine gluing and manual gluing
of course, there are also some kinds of glue used to bond special materials, such as base glue, universal glue, panel glue and so on
the above is the glue commonly used in gift boxes. All of them need to use so many kinds of glue. That’s because the materials of the boxes are different when they are used, so some glue can’t be bonded, so there are so many kinds of glue. Jin Liji has 24 years of industry experience in glue production and R & D, with more than 350 product formulas, guaranteed production capacity, stable supply and good reputation. You can consult and understand more.

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