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What information is needed on the tea packing box?

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this depends on the needs of customers and the information they want to convey to the audience

the information contained on the tea box includes:

product name, manufacturer name and address marked in Chinese

if it is necessary to indicate the product specification, grade, name and content of main components according to the characteristics and use requirements of the product, it shall be indicated in Chinese accordingly; If it is necessary to let consumers know in advance, it shall be marked on the outer package or relevant materials shall be provided to consumers in advance; The production date, safe use period or expiration date of the products to be used within a time limit shall be clearly marked in a prominent position

products that are easy to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety due to improper use shall be provided with warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese

applicable scope of enterprises applying for food market access system (QS certification)


code of executive standard

hygiene license

net content


contact information

HACCP certification


brand name, shelf life, ingredients

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