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What is the last of China’s top ten zipper brands

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The answer of

is wrong
YKK is not a Chinese zipper brand, but a small Japanese brand
the top ten zipper brands launched by China Hardware Association are as follows:
Fujian xunxing zipper Technology Co., Ltd. “SBS” brand zipper
Shanghai Donglong zipper Clothing Co., Ltd. “YCC” brand zipper
Wenzhou Great Wall Zipper Group Company “YQQ” brand zipper
Zhejiang Weihai zipper Co., Ltd. “whh” brand zipper
Fujian Fuxing zipper Co., Ltd. “FFF” brand zipper
Fujian Sanli zipper Co., Ltd. “Sanli” brand zipper
Jiangsu Chima zipper Co., Ltd. “CMZ” brand zipper
Zhejiang Lida zipper Co., Ltd. “LDD” brand zipper,
Guangdong huashengda zipper Co., Ltd. “HSD” brand zipper
in fact, more than half of the zippers are bought by Chinese brands, not by real money
but xunxing, Chima, Kee and huashengda are genuine
Great Wall YQQ is nominally one of the zipper brands in China. In fact, things are badly done
Sanli is in the sunset. What brand is it
Fuxing 3F is not a brand, just nylon zipper, and it mainly depends on packaging
in fact, Donglong YCC’s zipper quality is not very good, which mainly depends on its hyped reputation
Weihai whh and Lida LDD are typical Yiwu stall goods
in fact, there are great stars not on the list. SAB is better than any of the top ten brands
in addition, there are SAS zippers, which are not as famous as xunxing, Weixing and donglongda, but the quality and service are pretty good. It is estimated to be a dark horse in the zipper industry in the near future.

the last of China’s top ten zipper brands. You can go to the website to search the Chinese chain zipper. You can find the last brand and you will know what brand it is.

the last word of the top ten zipper brands in Red China is that they are basically in Yiwu, with the top five

haha, China’s top ten brands are not good books. YKK is a brand of “art book”. How can it be regarded as a Chinese brand? You sent [1. YKK Yoshida 2. Xunxing SBS. Donglong ycc4. Great Wall yqq5. Weihai whh6. Fuxing 3f7. Sanli 8. Chima cmz9. Kaiyi kee10. Weixing SAB] is also wrong. When people ask about the last brand, it means that they know the top 9. In the end, choose one from the top! Sanli has not fallen. No one knows…

I’ve been purchasing zippers for five or six years. I’m curious about the landlord’s problems. The landlord just asked what is the last of China’s top ten zipper brands. It seems that he already knows what the top nine brands are. I personally doubt it. Domestic zipper brands have changed greatly after one year. For example, Weihai and Sanli are going downhill, and Yongjia Xuri zipper, as a group of dark horses, is believed to be able to enter the top ten. In fact, not only the zipper industry, but also all other industries, which must be viewed from the perspective of development.

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