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What kinds of dry powder mortar production line are there?

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dry powder mortar production line series equipment production line is mainly composed of elevator, pre mixing bin, small silo, mixer, finished product bin, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet and gas phase balance system. Large proportion of raw materials such as cement can be manually measured and enter the premixing bin through the elevator. Small proportion of valuable masterbatch such as cellulose and rubber powder can be measured and put into the admixture hopper through the electronic scale, which is a step ahead of the simple type, because after mixing, the mixer will be automatically measured and packaged by the valve pocket packaging machine or the open pocket packaging machine
simple type, semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. The simple type is mainly composed of weightless mixer, dry powder silo, packaging screw, etc. The production line has the advantages of less investment and quick effect, but the output is low, the labor consumption is particularly large, and the dust content in the working environment is high. It is suitable for purchase at the initial stage of investment. The semi-automatic type is mainly composed of weightless mixer (with flying knife), finished product bin, packaging machine, bucket elevator, bin to be mixed, dust collector, air compression system, control system, etc. The investment of this production line is relatively simple and large, but it has high output, good working environment and good expansibility. It is suitable for most investors. The fully automatic type is mainly composed of high-efficiency mixing system, material storage system, conveying system, lifting system, weighing system, mixing system, packaging system, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air compression system, whole machine control system, etc. In areas where commercial sand is scarce, crushing system, screening system and drying system can be added. The production line has large investment, one step in place, high investment risk and high rate of return. It is suitable to be built in large and medium-sized cities with good wall insulation foundation
the mixing speed of the weightless mixer is quite fast. Generally, the mixing is uniform in 8 minutes, and the production capacity is very high
the eastern region used to use vertical mixers, which have a good effect on materials with small density difference. If the density difference of several materials is too large, stratification will occur.

dry mortar production lines are roughly divided into three types: simple production line, semi-automatic production line and full-automatic production line. The daily output of simple production line is about 15-25 tons; The daily output of semi-automatic type is about 25-50 tons; The daily output of the full-automatic production line is about 50-80 tons. If necessary, you can go to Zhengzhou Mingjiang machinery to have a look!

one step mortar production line is also called tower layout and two-step process layout is also called stepped production line.


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