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What raw materials does milk tea need

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What raw materials does milk tea need

raw materials: Pearl Pill, including black, red, orange and other pearl milk tea powder, as well as more than 10 kinds of flavors such as taro, orange, litchi, hundred fruit and coconut, crude milk and essence, and tea (bagged black tea and green tea are preferred) 1. Xueke Cup:
it is divided into 350ml and 750ml. It is made of stainless steel and consists of bottle cap
, filter screen and steel cup. It is a special appliance for making mixed raw materials to form new flavor drinks
2. Ounce Cup: used to measure juice
3. Coffee spoon: made of plastic, it is a special tool for scooping fruit powder, fruit juice and other raw materials
4. Mixing rod: long handle, stainless steel or plastic material, which is used to scoop and stir the materials in the deep tank
5. Sealed tank: plastic, stainless steel, glass and other different materials are available. It is mainly used to hold materials
6. Ice planer: it is a special machine for grinding and shaving ice cubes. The electric type generally consumes 180W of power
7. Sand ice machine: divided into large sand ice machine and small sand ice machine. Large sand ice machines are generally made of stainless steel; The small sand ice machine is a glass body container. Used for stirring and grinding ice and fruit
8. Muffin machine: similar to electric cake pan, it can be heated automatically. It is a special appliance for baking Fuji muffin
Black Pearl cooking method: take Pearl Balls of any color and cook them in a pot (boil the water first, and then add the round pearl balls. Be sure to wait until the hot water boils before you can use them, otherwise they will melt into powder immediately. Keep the water boiling over medium heat
stir with a filter spoon. The time is 15-20 minutes (you can add or subtract the time according to your preference, and the longer you cook, the softer). When the time comes, cover the pot and turn off the fire. Simmer for another 15-20 minutes (the longer the simmer, the more elastic it is) or cook until all the powder is round and transparent. When the time comes, take out the Pearl and wash it with cold water. Take a large bowl, put in the powder balls and add white granulated sugar until the pearls are soaked. Stir well and set aside for about 30 minutes
tea bag: put the tea (convenient tea in bags) into a stainless steel pot or ordinary pot for cooking (boil the water for more than 90 degrees before putting the tea). Soak for about 10-20 minutes to remove the tea bag. The tea leaves are slightly bitter. If they are too bitter, add boiling water to dissolve them. You can decide the brewing time according to your requirements for tea concentration. It is generally not recommended to brew for a long time, because it will lead to excessive tea flavor and affect the taste. Cold pearl milk tea, ice the tea juice in the refrigerator
ice pearl milk tea: put creamer (2 tablespoons), 2 tablespoons of fruit powder and 1 tablespoon of syrup into the shaking cup, mix well with heated water,
mix well with a stirring rod, add black tea and fill with 3 ~ 4 pieces of ice, about 2 /3 of the volume in the cup, shake the Scheck cup rapidly for 20 times, shake until all the ice in the cup melts, and let it bubble Finally, add an appropriate amount of pearl to make a perfect cold pearl milk tea cream, milk tea powder is much more, pearl milk tea taste is good, can be added to the appropriate amount of sugar or other essence, milk powder. An appropriate amount of milk powder has a sunny effect on milk tea. Once the milk powder is excessive, the taste of milk tea will become a little greasy. Therefore, when putting milk powder, we must pay attention to the dosage. Don’t think that the heavier the milk flavor, the better to drink
note: the method of making fruity pearl milk tea is the same as above, just add 2 tablespoons of fruit powder to the cup

raw materials for milk tea:
black tea, creamer, syrup (honey), pearl and ice. 2. Tools: conditioning stick (or chopsticks and spoons) cup (or cup and bottle that can be tightly sealed)
1/1. Select the common red (green) tea bag in the market and brew it with 350ml ~ 500ml hot water for standby
1/2. Each 350ml ~ 500ml of water is equipped with 30g creamer
1/3. Boil with 500g water, add 750g sugar and stir while adding to obtain 22oz (638ml) syrup (which can also be directly changed into honey). 04. Boil the vermicelli balls (about 30g per cup) in medium heat for 30 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 20 minutes, remove them, rinse them with cold water, and then put them into syrup or honey (better flavor)
1/5. Make an appropriate amount of ice. 2. Put 3 ~ 4 ice cubes, 30g creamer and a tablespoon of syrup into the shaking cup, add 300ml ~ 400ml black tea, cover the cup tightly, shake until all the ice cubes in the cup melt, and finally add the fired pearl to make a perfect pearl milk tea!

1. Main milk tea raw material – creamy powder (creamer): Creamy powder (creamer) is easy to absorb water and deteriorate, so large bags need to be stored in a dry and dark place. In bulk, the temporary fat powder (creamer) also needs to be packed in sealed cans or creamer boxes
2. Main milk tea raw material – pearl powder round (Black Pearl): a whole bag of pearl powder round is sealed with plastic bags, and the whole box can be placed in a dry and dark place. However, the unpacked bulk pearl powder balls need to be packed in plastic sealed bags in order to deteriorate
3. Main milk tea raw material – tea: the storage method of tea has been introduced in detail in the previous article “tea storage method of pearl milk tea raw material”, which will not be explained here
4. Main milk tea raw material – fructose: fructose is a hygroscopic food, which is afraid of moisture, heat and cold. Therefore, it needs to be stored indoors, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 70%. The surrounding sugar storage environment shall not be lower than 0 ℃. If it is lower than 0 ℃, the sugar will agglomerate due to freezing. The sugar storage environment in summer should not be higher than 35 ℃, and the sugar will melt if the temperature is too high. Secondly: next to the storage of sugar, food with easy evaporation of water or food with bad smell cannot be stored. In addition, we should also prevent rats, flies, insects and moths from invading sugar. Put sugar into porcelain cans or glass dishes, and place the cover in a cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture, but do not expose to the sun or close to hot things
5. Fruit powder: fruit powder needs to be stored in a dry and dark place
6. Fruit juice /jam /fruit dew /puree: the four series of fruit juice /jam /fruit dew /puree are similar to fructose. They all have high sugar content, so the storage method is also similar. Keep the cover tightly in a cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture, but do not expose to the sun or close to hot things
7. Fruit tea: put it in a cool and dry place and refrigerate it in a dry water tank after opening it to avoid direct sunlight
8. Coffee: coffee is sensitive to the storage environment. It generally needs to be placed in a cool and dry place. The unsealed coffee needs to be sealed in an opaque jar to isolate air, water and sunlight. If it is used in a short time, it is OK. If it can’t be used in two weeks, put the jar in the refrigerator to freeze. But you can’t freeze again after thawing
9. Canned (sugar natto): the storage method of sugar natto in canned food is the same as that of fructose, mainly because the sugar content of sugar natto is very high. If you haven’t used up in Kaifeng, it’s best to put it in the refrigerator for frozen storage. [1]

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