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What should be on the back of the cosmetic package

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the outer package of regular cosmetics shall be marked with:
1 Product name and factory name
  2. The hygiene license number of the manufacturer, such as Weizhuang Zhunzi 29 (for province) – XK (for license) – 1679 (for batch number)
  3. The small package or instruction manual shall indicate the production date and valid service life
  4. Production license. Such as xk16-1083529
  5. Executive Standards. For example, ab-02 shall be numbered by the manufacturer
  6. In case of special cosmetics, the batch number of special cosmetics shall be provided. For example, QG (97) Weizhuang Zhunzi 25 (representing province) – QG (“special cosmetics” mark) – 07 (representing category) – 0907 (representing serial number)
category no. of special purpose cosmetics: 01 hair care 02 hair dyeing 03 perm 04 hair removal 05 Beauty Milk 06 bodybuilding 07 deodorization 08 freckle removal 09 sunscreen. For these nine kinds of cosmetics, the product package must have the batch number of special cosmetics. The batch number after May 1999, such as Weizhuang Tezi (year) No. 0000. If there is no one of these two batch numbers, it belongs to three noes product
  7. For cosmetics that may cause adverse reactions, the instructions shall indicate the use method and precautions
  8. Imported cosmetics: approved batch number before May 1999, such as: (91) the word “02” (-JK), “-0011”, which is approved by May 1999, and the batch number approved after May 1999, for example, the word “Wei Jin” (year), No. 0000 import cosmetics classification number: 01 hair category 02 skin care category 03 cosmetic repair class 04 perfume category.

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