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What should we pay attention to when making silicone board

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precautions for making silicone sheet:

1. Control the temperature and time during operation

2. Pay attention to the downward flow speed of liquid

3. Silica gel should be ground fine enough

4. It should be evenly and uniformly laid on the glass slide

5. Silica gel should be mixed evenly without bubbles

silica gel plate, the full name is thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate. It is made of high-purity thin-layer chromatography silica gel (powder) mixed with a certain amount of adhesive. Its plate surface is generally glass. Aluminum foil is popular in foreign countries

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characteristics of silica gel plate

1. Good separation effect and high number of trays

2. The spot is small, which is convenient for series analysis

3. Short separation time

4. High sensitivity, clear spots and non-proliferation

Application of silicone rubber plate

silicone rubber plate is generally used for impurity inspection of food, medicine and organic chemicals, inspection of main components of products, and rapid separation or quantitative analysis of multiple organic substances by users

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – silica gel plate

1. Do not open the package when the silicone plate is not needed. Otherwise, you may get dust or be scratched. 2. Please keep it in low humidity and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will turn yellow and change color. 3. Please be sure to hang with nails and iron wires, which will cause deformation or scratch. Discoloration and white powder during storage will not affect the service performance. Please feel free to use!

there are problems in all aspects. For example, the technical staff of Dongguan Huaqi silicone sheet factory should pay attention to their work and should not be distracted, otherwise the quality of silicone sheet will be affected.

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