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What software is needed for ui design

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1. PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop, referred to as “PS”, is an image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. With its numerous editing and drawing tools, you can effectively edit pictures. Ps has many functions, including image, graphics, text, video, publishing and other aspects. 2. Adobe illustratorAdobe illustrator, often referred to as “AI”, is an industry standard vector illustration software used for publishing, multimedia and online image publishing. As a very good vector graphics processing tool, the software is mainly used in printing and publishing, poster book typesetting, professional illustration, multimedia image processing and Internet page production. It can also provide high precision and control for line draft, and is suitable for producing any small design to large-scale complex projects. 3. After Effects Adobe After Effects (hereinafter referred to as “AE”) is a graphics and video processing software launched by Adobe, which is applicable to institutions engaged in design and video stunts, including television stations, animation production companies, personal post production studios and multimedia studios. It belongs to late software of layer type. Adobe After Effects software can help you efficiently and accurately create countless kinds of eye-catching dynamic graphics and impressive visual effects. Use the incomparable tight integration with other Adobe software, highly flexible 2D and 3D synthesis, and hundreds of preset effects and animations to add refreshing effects to your movies, videos, DVDs, and Macromedia Flash works. 4. Axure RPAxure RP is a professional rapid prototyping tool. Axure (pronunciation: Ack sure), representing Axure Corporation of the United States; RP is the abbreviation of Rapid Prototyping. Axure RP, the flagship product of Axure Software Solution, is a professional rapid prototyping design tool that enables experts responsible for defining requirements and specifications, designing functions and interfaces to quickly create wireframes, process maps, prototypes and specification documents for application software or Web sites.

As a UI designer, you must master commonly used software Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Even if you can’t be completely skilled, at least you should master one of the Mohs bridges.

UI design software related technologies Learn from Xushen He’s UI graphical interface design. The software commonly used by the school are: 1, Photoshop 2, Sketch Three blind macro, Blue Lake 4, Axure

Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDRAW V, Flash, etc

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