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Where is a gift wrapping point in Beijing?

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Gifts: Tibetan Ganoderma lucidum, a specialty bought from Tibet, belongs to medicinal materials. Is there a store that provides packaging services for different gifts

the shop of “Dushi Liangzhuang” 50 meters south of the traffic light of jijiamiao bus station in Xiajia Hutong, Fengtai District, specializes in gift packaging and sells all kinds of gift boxes and bags

Beijing Dazhongsi gift packaging stationery store

if you pay attention at ordinary times, you will see many Tibetan specialty stores such as “Tibetan accessories” and “Cordyceps”. They have a lot of packaging there. There may be something suitable for you
I don’t know where you live. I live in Gongzhufen. There are many such points, including Wanshou Road and Cuiwei Road, and other places should also have them
don’t forget to bargain when you find it. After all, it’s packaging
good luck.

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