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Where is the largest glass bottle production base in China

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the largest glass bottle production base in China is in Yuncheng, Shandong Province

glass bottle is a traditional beverage packaging container in China, and glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. When many kinds of packaging materials pour into the market, glass container still occupies an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that can not be replaced by other packaging materials

due to its own texture and structure, Yuncheng glass wine bottle has small cracks that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, which plays a very important role in the preservation of wine. For a long time, Shandong Yuncheng glass wine bottle has become the first choice of domestic wine packaging, which will not change in the short term

the status of glass wine bottles in Shandong Province is difficult to shake & nbsp

with the joint efforts of the industry, Chinese wine packaging has made a great breakthrough in materials. Plastic wine bottles, metal cans and paper wine bottles. Although all kinds of wine bottles have their unique advantages, the advantageous position of glass wine bottles is difficult to shake

Shandong glass wine bottles have various colors, and the transparent characteristics of glass wine bottles, coupled with different colors, can be selected from light color to dark color. This transparent feature meets the needs of light in the preservation process of wine. Wineries can choose wine bottles of different colors according to different varieties of wine. The transparent wine bottle and various effects such as spraying and frosting make it more textured, which is also what the winery pursues

Xuzhou baduan glass bottle factory integrates glass bottle production, deep processing, various supporting covers, packaging and printing, and logistics.

they are all sick. It is clearly Shahe City, Hebei Province, which is called the glass city by the state

Shandong Yuncheng is the largest glass production base in China

Jiangsu Xuzhou baduan Glass Industrial Zone

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