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Would like to ask if you know about the video clip packaging industry

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I want to learn video, but I don’t know what is reliable at present, or how the industry is

because of the rise of short videos, any enterprise, studio or individual needs to edit a large number of videos to package brands, shake sounds, send circles of friends, send Taobao and other we media channels for display. Because new content is updated and released every day, editors are not recruited enough at all, and the imbalance between supply and demand leads to high salaries for editors (whether looking for a job or receiving private orders at home, it’s easy to earn more than 10000 yuan a month, and it’s common to earn twenty or thirty thousand.) [recommend a free “post short video clip” Learning Website]:
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you can download the [huaxueba] app to your mobile phone to facilitate learning in fragmented time – huaxueba app Download: /scripts /download

it’s been two hours since I saw your question. I’ve thought carefully about how to answer you. It’s a little difficult. Maybe I can’t answer well. Don’t mind, that is, tell me about my work experience
I was a little fish who had been in the editing industry for more than two years. I studied this direction in college at that time. Later, editing was taught by teachers and self-study. Anyway, there are editing classes, most of which are training in the use of editing software and editing skills. More training comes from work. Customers need and self creation. This is the accumulation of a large number of material editing and the use of techniques, In a word, the so-called montage editing is to create something aesthetic and reasonable
the packaging department is next door to me. In the past, the crystal stone brothers came out, which was the largest special effects company in China. After they came back from the north, they were faced with overtime all the time and various modifications. The annual salary was a lot, but the whole person seemed very depressed. Of course, editing is also the same. If a person faced with a few hours of material, he had to look carefully at every frame, and it would be a headache to sit there and watch it all day
the current situation of this industry is that the high-end ones are really doing a series of activities such as high-end micro films, advertisements, promotional films and planning. You can Baidu the new studio and see the films above. The low-end is a derivative of the wedding industry. The middle is a film that imitates the high-end, and what is made is Sibuxiang. Accumulation and creation, good ideas are the key
if you really want to learn this, my opinion is that no matter how hard and tired you are, you will find that you can really make progress when you are under great pressure in cities such as Beipiao, Nanjing, Shanghai and even Hong Kong. When your horizons are opened, your platform is behind you. The so-called platform is your company. A good company is a good platform for editing and packaging. Tens of thousands of broadcasts are broadcast every day, Those who can’t bear hardships and don’t want to accumulate will be swept away. This road, regardless of talent, will be very bitter. Only when you have works at the right time, your life will be green step by step
although it looks like a lot of words, it looks like nonsense. In a word: it’s tiring to get into the industry, but it’s also a great opportunity to get ahead. No matter you edit or pack, you can record your ideas immediately, accumulate more, try more, explore more, ask more why, watch more videos, and more things are only self-study. If you study the software carefully for a month, you will have more experience and rich creation
future colleagues, I hope to see you in Beijing one day
(there are training courses in editing, packaging and various regions, and even teaching videos on the Internet. You can try it first)
whether it can help you or not, but the above is what I want to say. I continue shooting and have to work overtime at night

I’m also considering switching to this industry now because I’m interested

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