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Technical parameters of the packaging machine

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Packaging speed: 1.5sea/strap Minimum packaging material: 60mm Maximum tightening force: 60Kgs Maximum packaging material: Any packaging PP belt width: 5mm-15mm Supply power: 220V (50/60Hz) Drive motor: 220V 220V 220V Packaging machine volume: 1490 × five hundred and seventy × 530mm packaging machine weight: 80Kg. The main technical parameters of the classic packaging machine are similar to these parameters, and other types are also suitable for conventional object packaging power supply. Power: 380V/50HZ 750W/5A. Packaging speed: ≤ 2.5 seconds/track. Table height: 750mm. Frame size: width 800mm * height is determined according to needs. Binding form: parallel 1 to multiple tracks, including jog, manual, continuous punching, ball switch, etc Foot switch suitable for packaging: thick (0.555-1.2) mm * wide (9-12) mm Electrical configuration: French “TE”, Japanese “OMRON”, “ZIK” Electrical equipment suitable for regular object packaging power supply, power: 380V, 50Hz, 750W, 5A Packaging speed: ≤ 2.5 seconds/track height: 750mm Frame size: W (1070) x H (668) mm External W (800) x H (600) mm Customized suitable for packaging: thick (0.55-1.2) mm * wide (9-15) mm Electrical configuration: LG “PLC” control, The development of professional plastic machinery, including TE from France, OMRON from Japan, and ZIK from Japan, has driven the development of strapping machines such as automatic strapping machines, strapping machines, and automatic strapping machines. Steel strip manual strapping machines are a new and advanced pneumatic packaging machinery for strapping machines.

Mainly used for packaging various small-sized pipes, plates, profiles, and other products in steel and non-ferrous metal enterprises, and also suitable for packaging various products in wooden boxes. The development of the plastic machinery industry should be combined with China’s national conditions and the basic reality of the existing industry, strengthening the “three connections”, which is to associate plastic machinery with the high-end of the manufacturing industry and seek development towards high-efficiency industries; Related to important industries that affect the national economy and specific needs closely related to people’s lives, highlighting the important role of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry; Linking plastic machinery and processed products with national policies for sustainable development, through the coverage and huge output of the plastic industry, we aim to achieve a series of important contributions that the plastic machinery industry can make to sustainable and scientific development, reflecting the overall planning and development trend of green development in this industry.

Based on the current situation of the industry, we will continue to encourage enterprises to obtain high-tech through joint ventures, cooperation, license transfers, and other means. However, we must prevent the phenomenon of foreign capital borrowing joint ventures to swallow domestic enterprises; Develop corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in technology and product development, with a focus on supporting independent research and development of efficient and energy-saving plastic injection molding machines, packaging machines, winding machines, vacuum packaging machines, lightweight plastic product technologies and equipment, as well as efficient and low pollution plastic recycling and reuse technologies and equipment; Encourage enterprises to apply for various levels of enterprise technology centers, cooperate with scientific research units to establish plastic machine research and development institutions, actively utilize government innovation funds, and improve the independent development and innovation capabilities of domestic enterprises. Only in this way can China’s machinery industry reach a higher level

Technical parameters: Suitable for conventional object bundling products. The fully automatic packaging machine control system consists of a core control unit PLC and a human-machine interface for operation. The core control unit adopts LG “PLC” control, and the hydraulic system is the core part of the pressurized packaging machine. The reliability of its operation directly determines whether the packaging machine operates normally and reliably. Among them, oil temperature control becomes the key to the hydraulic control part of the metal hydraulic packaging machine.

For electromechanical equipment, automation, intelligence, and modularization make the design thinking comprehensive, and its important parts should be considered.

The lifespan of each product is determined by a core component, which is often the most valuable.

For example, the core component of a packaging machine is the movement; The core component of the sealing machine is the motor; The core component of the shrinking machine is the furnace; The production of the winding machine has been modularized, and the core components are located in each module.

The core component of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump.

This is enough to demonstrate the high technical requirements of packaging machinery production.

1. The automatic packaging machine uses high-quality material guide pulleys to effectively solve the wear of ordinary plastic guide pulleys and the problem of PP belt jamming.

2. High strength blades with a hardness of 65 are used, greatly improving the cutting ability and blade life The use of resin casters makes it more convenient for mechanical movement, and the casters will not deform even under long-term load The frame is made of aluminum alloy material, and the body shell is composed of a combination. The size of the bow frame can be determined by the size of the packaging material in the cardboard box packaging machine.

5. All components are precision machined using NC machining equipment.

The durability of the components of the automatic packaging machine and the standardization of connection actions are well guaranteed.

For more instructions on packaging machines, please refer to other series.

Firstly, install the packaging tape according to the accessory diagram and tighten the handle (inside the toolbox).

Attention: 1. The tape rolls with heights of 170mm and 190mm should be tightened according to the matching diagram.

2. To prevent the tape from becoming loose, do not open the packaging paper and rope before loading the tape. Wait for the tape to be fixed in the reel and then remove it.

Secondly, for the middle and low platform models, first remove the upper limit screws of the disc triangular bracket, align the brake lever, and then reinstall the limit screws.

Then insert the bracket into the slot on the right side of the rack, tighten the set screw, and place the belt tray.

Pass the lead through the rewinding wheel A → rewinding plate → rewinding wheel B until you see the lead threading out of the machine platform.

Once again, open the left door of the high platform of the packaging machine, put in the conveyor belt, then open the right door, pass the lead through the guide pulley A → the rewind pulley B, then pass the lead through the lower hole of the right door, close the right door, and then pass the lead through the small frame (4) → the upper hole of the right door → the rewind pulley C → the rewind plate → the rewind pulley D, until the lead is seen passing through the conveyor belt plate.

Fourthly, after completing the loading and threading of the tape, turn on the “power switch” on the front panel of the packaging machine. After about one minute, the hot head temperature has reached the working requirements. Turn on the “power switch” and the packaging work can begin.

Fifth, to ensure the safety of operators, the packaging machine must be connected to a protective ground wire PE.

If there is leakage, be sure to check whether the power socket is connected to the protective bottom wire to prevent electric shock accidents.

Sixth, if the temperature is insufficient, the “temperature controller” (i.e. the knob on the transformer of the hot head inside the machine) should be adjusted. Turning the packaging machine to the right can increase the temperature of the hot head, while turning it to the left can decrease the temperature.

Seventh, adjust the “conveyor length adjuster” on the front panel according to the volume of the bundled items.

Each grid represents the delivery time in seconds.

Do not place it at 0 and fail to deliver the strap.

Eighth, if the temporary belt is not long enough, you can press the “Manual Belt” button to freely send the belt, and it will stop when placed by hand.

Ninth, the machine is equipped with an automatic stop device, and the shutdown time can be set by oneself.

Finally, if the end of the tie is uneven, you can press the “manual retraction and cutting” button to remove the leg strap. Press and release it by hand and automatically cut the strap.

Attention: Non technical personnel are not allowed to disassemble or loosen the packaging machine, especially the parts with red paint, except for the adjustment parts indicated in this manual.

How to adjust the packaging machine

1. Belt width and joint adjustment. When the belt width is uneven or when changing to another width of belt, it is necessary to adjust the left and right insertion slots to be too narrow, making it difficult to insert the belt; When it is too wide, the joint of the straps will not overlap evenly after being bundled by the packaging machine.

The width of the insertion slot should generally be about 0.5-1 millimeters wider than the width of the tape.

2. The temperature adjustment of the hot head of the packaging machine has a significant impact on the quality of the belt joint.

To ensure the adhesion of the polypropylene strapping joint, the knob is generally placed in the 3-5 position.

Whether the temperature of the hot stamping head is appropriate can be checked for surface adhesion.

If there are white marks on the surface of the hot stamping head, its temperature is already high; If the surface of the perm is damp, the temperature is insufficient.

3. Adjust the tightness of the bundling material on the packaging machine. Open the table panel and loosen the inner hexagon set screw on the large nut A by hand. Tighten it clockwise, otherwise it will be loose.

After the bundling force is moderate, tighten the inner hexagon set screw.

4. Adjust the length of the conveyor belt. The length of the conveyor belt is determined by the conveyor belt length adjuster on the front panel.

If the strap is too short, it is easy to tie your hands. At this time, the packaging machine can use your hands to grab the lead and pull the strap out along the direction of feeding.

But it is necessary to readjust the length of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal tying of the next layer.

If the belt of the packaging machine is too long, it is difficult to align with the position, and the loose belt of the packaging machine is easy to wrap together, causing the belt to be inaccurate or broken.

Maintenance of the packaging machine: 1. Keep the inside of the machine clean and dry at all times.

2. It is easy to place damp or dirty objects on the machine platform.

3. Avoid rolling the power cord and roll it when not in use.

4. Keep the machine running normally and use regular binding straps.

The daily maintenance of the packaging machine requires the following six points: (1) Remove any debris or dirt from the machine once a week.

(2) Clean, maintain, and lubricate the upper skateboard, middle knife, and front top knife mentioned in the previous section once a month.

(3) Add some lubricating oil to all (shafts, centers) and bearings every three months, except for the above two maintenance.

(4) Replenish the oil in the gearbox wheel box every two years.

(5) Please note that several parts must not be refueled: the return belt roller.

All belts.

Slippers and surrounding areas.

(6) When refueling, do not add too much to prevent the microswitch from malfunctioning due to oil immersion.

In the early 1960s, with the emergence of polypropylene materials, foreign countries successfully developed polypropylene plastic strapping machines, which gradually replaced steel strapping in many fields, especially in the light industry, making strapping machines rapidly popular.

Automatic packaging machines in China began to develop in the mid-1980s and were initially promoted in book and newspaper distribution departments. In recent years, they have developed rapidly and have been widely used in industries such as light industry, food, foreign trade, general merchandise, printing, medicine, chemical industry, postal and telecommunications, and textile.

At present, some manufacturers of packaging machines have made significant improvements in standard level, design and manufacturing technology, and product quality by adopting international standards and absorbing advanced foreign technology features. For example, Yongchuang Machinery’s fully automatic unmanned packaging machine has reached the advanced level of similar equipment at home and abroad in terms of quality. It can automatically position, bundle, and rotate to perform cross shaped, cross shaped, and other pattern bundling, using microcomputer control, An unmanned automatic bundling production line has been implemented.

The future development trend of packaging machines is extending towards full automation, advanced technology, and diversification.

The development trend of packaging machines is mainly manifested in the development of packaging machines for various purposes, such as compression packaging machines; Develop heavy-duty belts, polyester belts, etc. to replace steel belts; Develop foam belts, soft belts, etc. suitable for desktop packaging machines.

Improve the automation level of the single machine so that the packaging can be automatically positioned, tied, and rotated after being sent into the conveying device, and tied in cross shaped, well shaped, and other patterns; Adopting microcomputer control to achieve unmanned automatic bundling production line.

Automatic packaging machines abroad have developed towards the goal of 40 to 60 lanes per minute; Develop a packaging machine with random adjustment of bundling force to improve the adaptability of automatic packaging machines in bandwidth, bundling specifications, workbench height, bundling capacity, and other aspects.

1. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine and do not plug it in incorrectly. This machine adopts a three-phase four wire system. The flower wire is a grounded neutral wire for leakage protection.

2. Do not cross the runway with the strap with your head and hands during operation.

3. Do not touch the heating element directly with your hands.

4. Do not rinse the machine with water. When the workplace is damp, operators should not work barefoot.

5. When the machine is not in use, please roll the straps inside the storage compartment back onto the reel to avoid deformation during next use.

6. Do not stick oil on the surface of the conveyor roller.

7. Remember to unplug the power when the machine is not in use.

8. Do not replace parts on the machine at will.

9. The main components should be lubricated with oil regularly.

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