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The development trend of packaging equipment

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In recent years, although the annual growth rate of China’s packaging industry has ranked first among traditional industries, in order to align with the international market, it is necessary to accelerate the development of packaging technology and make it develop towards economic, efficient, and multifunctional directions.

According to China’s national economic development plan and the need to achieve a moderately prosperous living standard, it is necessary to provide equipment worth 100 billion to 200 billion yuan for the packaging and food industries, and 80 billion to 100 billion yuan for “Cailanzi”. This is a good development opportunity for some enterprises.

At the same time, the author learned from relevant departments that during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, 10 billion yuan will be invested in the packaging industry to support and transform large and medium-sized packaging enterprises.

Chinese packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize this opportunity.

The comprehensive updating and replacement of packaging machinery and equipment is the overall trend in the development of packaging machinery in China and even the world.

The main characteristics of the upgrade are: a large number of modern high-precision technologies, electronic technology, microelectronics technology, edge technology, and fuzzy technology adopted by civil and military industries are transplanted, accelerating the further improvement of the reliability, safety, and unmanned operation level of packaging machinery and production lines.

Intelligence will enter the entire field of packaging machinery and production lines.

In today’s world, Japan is far ahead in the updating and upgrading of packaging machinery and production lines, earning a large amount of dollars in this field.

The Four Southeast Asian Tigers have also followed Japan’s footsteps, showing remarkable performance in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and production lines; In the European Community, Italy’s pace of upgrading packaging machinery and production lines is far faster than other member countries.

The method of updating and upgrading is to replace local parts, components, or critical components and technologies, in order to achieve the goal of replacing a unit, and update the production capacity, performance, efficiency, model, and assembly method of the original packaging machinery or production line.

In this way, most components and unit parts can be reused, which not only improves equipment value but also saves raw materials and a large amount of labor, reducing costs.

This development trend indicates that packaging machinery equipment and production lines are increasingly moving towards standardized, serialized, integrated, assembled, and online models.

Civil and military high-tech will also increasingly enter the entire field of packaging machinery and equipment.

The fierce market competition will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of updating and technological transformation of packaging machinery and equipment in various industries.

Many packaging machinery and equipment, production line manufacturing groups, and multinational corporations in many countries around the world are investing huge amounts of funds and organizing professional personnel for development and research, striving to accelerate the process of electromechanical integration of packaging machinery and equipment.

The key content of its development and research can be summarized as follows: 1. Develop models that can save energy (water, electricity, oil, steam, etc.) and resources (raw materials, auxiliary materials, etc.) consumption indicators, as well as models for waste recycling and utilization.

2. Develop models with low energy consumption, high output power, good dynamic stability, low noise, and low pollution.

3. Develop a multi shaped packaging machine that can perform multifunctional packaging on packaging materials such as squares, rectangles, circles, ellipses, triangles, pillows, bars, and peculiar shapes.

4. Develop a multifunctional packaging machine (filling machine, filling machine) that can package liquid, semi liquid, viscous, slurry, and solid particles, granules, powders, flakes, blocks, strips, and peculiar shapes.

5. Develop multifunctional machines for packaging, filling, filling, and packaging of various substrate bags, capable of handling multifunctional packaging of substrates such as paper, plastic, aluminum foil, and composite materials.

6. Develop a multifunctional bag making machine that can process and manufacture single multi-layer paper bags and plastic film bags, aluminum foil composite bags and paper plastic composite bags.

7. Develop a variety of resin molding machines, resin extruders, blow molding machines, and multifunctional machines for resin salivation.

8. Develop a production line that reduces self weight, occupies less space, has a compact structure, is easy to install and replace, has less maintenance and no (less) faulty operations, and can quickly repair and repair online without stopping the machine.

9. Develop a multi range weighing machine, ranging from grams to kilograms and from kilograms to tens of kilograms (replacing the weighing and hopper). In addition to improving the mechanical and electronic sensing scales, develop non-interference optical sensor components to ensure the weighing accuracy of materials.

The development of paper, plastic, coating, printing and other equipment is also a demand for the development of the packaging machinery industry.

1. Develop various corrugated corrugated units and production lines, which can achieve the production of A-type, B-type, C-type, and E-type corrugated cardboard production lines with quick replacement of docking pressure swing rollers.

2. Develop various resin bidirectional stretching units and production lines, mainly replacing the extrusion worm, expanding the rough adjustment range of the mold lip, and designing mechanical devices related to length to diameter ratio, bidirectional stretching ratio, etc. based on the performance of various resins.

3. Develop various coating machines that can be used for both scraper coating and air knife coating and metering coating. At the same time, they can be used for different coatings of various coatings, and the coating thickness can be finely adjusted.

4. Develop a multifunctional printing machine that can be used for offset printing, gravure printing, and flexographic printing (flexographic printing). Not only can it print paper, but it can also print packaging and decoration materials such as plastic films, composite plastics, composite materials, aluminum foil (including vacuum aluminum plating), etc.

The development trend of packaging machinery and equipment involves various industries. We hope that our enterprise can mobilize various forces to tackle each issue and make packaging machinery and equipment enter the world’s advanced ranks.

The 2013 China (Nanchang) CCPE International Pharmaceutical Industry and Technology Exhibition in Jiangxi Province pointed out in the “12th Five Year Plan” for the development of the biological and new pharmaceutical industry that it is one of the strategic emerging industries in our province to achieve “scientific development, catch-up, and green rise”.

In 2010, the province’s pharmaceutical industry completed a total industrial output value of 49.625 billion yuan, an increase of 4.27 times compared to 2005; Completed a main business revenue of 49.353 billion yuan, an increase of 2.92% compared to 2005, which is 4.8 percentage points higher than the national industry average; The industrial scale has significantly expanded.

It is expected that by 2015, the sales revenue of the biological industry in the province will exceed 180 billion yuan, maintaining an average annual growth rate of over 30%, and the industry scale will enter the advanced ranks in the country.

Strongly promote the development of major core parks such as Nanchang High tech Development Zone, Nanchang Xiaolan Industrial Park, Sanghai Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, Wanli Pharmaceutical Valley, Yichun Yuanzhou Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Zhangshu Fucheng Pharmaceutical Park, Ji’an High tech Development Zone, Pingxiang Xuanfeng Biological Industrial Park, and Jinxian Medical Equipment Industrial Park.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period and up to 2020, the growth rate of the biological and new pharmaceutical markets will be significantly higher than the average growth rate of other industrial markets. As one of the emerging industries, Jiangxi’s biological and new pharmaceutical industry will usher in a good development opportunity.

CCPE Exhibition Overview: CCPE China (Nanchang) International Pharmaceutical Industry and Technology Exhibition is an important industrial and commercial platform supported by the government for development.

Intended to better promote and serve the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the biopharmaceutical and new pharmaceutical industries in Jiangxi Province, promote the development and technological progress of biopharmaceuticals, build a high-tech exchange platform for biopharmaceutical enterprises in Jiangxi Province, showcase the latest technology and equipment in the international biopharmaceutical industry, and maintain close contact with the progress of international high-tech.

Jointly organized by the China Association for the Promotion of International Economic and Trade and the Jiangxi Pharmaceutical Industry Association, it was held on September 11, 2013 at the Nanchang International Exhibition Center.

Using exhibitions as platforms, forums as fulcrums, and enterprises as the main body, we will promote the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Jiangxi Province.

World leading pharmaceutical industry forum.

INTERPHEX is a long-standing event with 28 years of industry leadership.

The conference always attracts a group of elite professionals from fields such as production, equipment, information technology, and procurement, who maintain a sensitive sense of advanced technology, innovative business strategies, market trends, and policies.

INTERPHEX is the world’s most reliable source for keeping up with the latest trends, understanding professional education status, and purchasing products and services, driving the development of innovative strategies in pharmaceutical production and packaging.

As an exhibitor of INTERPHEX, you will receive your most desired order – from the world’s most successful and innovative life science companies, including large pharmaceutical companies, the largest and emerging biopharmaceutical companies, and many large generic pharmaceutical companies. INTERPHEX 2011 will venture into a new industrial sector, which will be held in conjunction with Europe’s most important biotechnology exhibition and conference BIOTECHNICA, The collection of advanced technologies in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, as well as the latest medical equipment and biomedical product technologies, has greatly benefited a wide range of life science professionals.

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