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What are the types of automatic cardboard box sealing machines available

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Meiyi Sealing Machine 1 is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic sealing machines according to the degree of automation. The semi-automatic sealing machine mainly manually adjusts the height and width of the cardboard box sealing, while the fully automatic sealing machine is adjusted by the machine itself. 2. According to the sealing effect, it can be divided into straight line sealing machine, corner sealing machine, and I-shaped sealing machine. A straight line sealing machine is a device used to bond the middle seam of cardboard boxes. The corner sealing machine is exactly opposite to the straight box sealing machine, which is used for sealing the two vertical sides of the cardboard box. The I-shaped sealing machine is a combination of a straight shaped sealing machine and a corner edge sealing machine. 3. According to the folding method of the top cover, it can be divided into automatic folding and sealing machine, semi-automatic folding and sealing machine, and standard sealing machine. Automatic folding and sealing machine, of course, is the machine that automatically folds the top cover of the paper box. Semi automatic folding and sealing machine requires manual folding of the cover, and standard sealing machine cannot achieve folding cover.

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