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What is a snack that looks ordinary in packaging but tastes delicious?

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too many. One thing these foods have in common is that when you see it, you don’t have any desire to eat it, but once you try it, you fall into the pit and can’t get out again

nowadays, there are more and more kinds of snacks, but there are few new snacks that can break through the encirclement and become the consensus of everyone. There are always those snack giants on the shelves in the supermarket every day, and they are not interested in eating them. In this case, I have to remind myself of a snack I ate when I was a child. Spicy strip is always a classic. One kind of snack is made of artificial meat. Its appearance is bright red. Among many snacks in the snack bar, it exists in a particularly inconspicuous way. Compared with other snacks with gorgeous packaging, it exists like a minion. The plain plastic outer packaging has only a list of ingredients and manufacturers behind the back, and the shelf life, etc. there is no other decoration. But such a humble snack has captured my taste buds

speaking of this, I have to mention that there is also snail powder. The previous impression of snail powder only existed with this attitude: this powder stinks! It doesn’t look very good. It certainly won’t taste good. When I tasted the package of snail powder bought by my roommate on the Internet by chance, I was conquered by this food

the rice noodles with soft glutinous Q shells are paired with sour and crisp bamboo shoots, sour beans, and shredded fungus. One of its souls is the assorted beancurd. The fried and crisp beancurd is especially delicious no matter how you eat it. It will be crispy and fragrant if you eat it directly. If you soak it in the soup for a while and then eat it, you will be filled with the soup, spicy and sour. Later, you will feel that the screw powder is not smelly and not delicious at all. The requirements for it were too smelly at the beginning, but how could it not be smelly later

in fact, delicious snacks have always existed in humble packaging. Although their packaging is simple and outdated, it is precisely a symbol that has been loved by people for many years

Weiyi soymilk, Arctic Ocean, yingduo ramen, lotus Caramel biscuit, Weilong spicy bar and old Beijing yogurt are all delicious snacks, but the packaging is not good-looking.

I think this kind of snack tastes delicious, but the snack with ordinary packaging is spicy strip. Although the packaging looks poor, it is really delicious.

it should be a sandwich, because the packaging of the sandwich is very ordinary, just like ordinary bread, but it tastes delicious.

it is instant noodles. Such pasta is especially delicious. It can taste very good, so you can experience the feeling of crispness.

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